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Invited Speakers

Igor Borisov (Sobolev Inst.)

Orthogonal series and asymptotic analysis of canonical U-statistics based on dependent observations. [abstract]

Persi Diaconis (Stanford)

(Random) tri-diagonal matrices, alternating permutations, and orthogonal polynomials. [abstract]

Stephen Evans (Berkeley)

Brownian motion on disconnected sets, basic hypergeometric functions, and some continued fractions of Ramanujan. [abstract]

Patrik Ferrari (Bonn)

Universality: from stochastic particle systems to random matrices. [abstract]

Bob Griffiths (Oxford)

Exchangeable pairs of Bernoulli random variables, Krawtchouk polynomials and Ehrenfest Urns. [abstract]

Mourad Ismail (City U. Hong Kong and King Saud University)

Sources of Orthogonal Polynomials. [abstract]

Kshitij Khare (USF)

Rates of convergence for some multivariate Markov chains with polynomial eigenfunctions. [abstract]

Efoevi Koudou (Nancy)

A survey of Lancaster probabilities. [abstract]

Arno Kuijlaars (Louvain)

Multiple orthogonal polynomials in random matrix theory. [abstract]

Rupert Lasser (Munchen)


Gerard Letac (Toulouse)

Jacobi polynomials and joint distributions in Rn with Beta margins and prescribed correlation matrices. [abstract]

Neil O’Connell (Warwick)

Directed polymers and the quantum Toda lattice. [abstract]

Eric Rains (CalTech)

Lozenge tilings and elliptic biorthogonal functions. [abstract]

Evgeny Strahov (Jerulasem)

Representation theory of the infinite symmetric group and Pfaffian point processes. [abstract]

Ryszard Szwarc (Wroclaw)

Uniform convergence of Fourier series with respect to orthogonal polynomials. [abstract]

Pierre Van Moerbecke (Louvain)*


Michael Voit (Dortmund)

Some limit theorems for radial random walks on spaces with growing dimensions. [abstract]

Jacek Wesolowski (Warsaw).

Quadratic harnesses and Askey-Wilson polynomials [abstract]

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