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Module Codes and Links

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

The first two letters of a module code indicate the Department that delivers the module. The codes and links to the module information pages for Departments that deliver modules often taken by students from Statistics are shown below.

Code Department
IB Warwick Business School
CS Computer Science
EC Economics
IL Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning
LL Language Centre
MA Mathematics
PH Philosophy
PX Physics
ST Statistics

The third digit of the module code usually indicates the level of the module.

Third digit of module code Usual Year / Course Level FHEQ Level (for exit awards)
1 First year undergraduate 1 4
2 Second year undergraduate 2 5
3 Third year undergraduate 3 6
4 Fourth year integrated masters / postgraduate taught 4 7
9 Fourth year integrated masters / postgraduate taught 4+ 7
0 Second or third year undergraduate (IALT modules) 2 or 3 5 or 6