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CRiSM Seminar - Judith Rousseau (Paris Dauphine), Jean-Michel Marin (Université Montpellier)

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Location: A1.01

Jean-Michel Marin

Consistency of the Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling (joint work with Pierre Pudlo and Mohammed Sedki

Among Monte Carlo techniques, the importance sampling requires fine tuning of a proposal distribution, which is now fluently resolved through iterative schemes. The Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling (AMIS) of Cornuet et al. (2012) provides a significant improvement in stability and Effective Sample Size due to the introduction of a recycling procedure. However, the consistency of the AMIS estimator remains largely open. In this work, we prove the convergence of the AMIS, at a cost of a slight modification in the learning process. Numerical experiments exhibit that this modification might even improve the original scheme.

Judith Rousseau

Asymptotic properties of Empirical Bayes procedures – in parametric and non parametric models


In this work we investigate frequentist properties of Empirical Bayes procedures. Empirical Bayes procedures are very much used in practice in more or less formalized ways as it is common practice to replace some hyperparameter in the prior by some data dependent quantity. There are typically two ways of constructing these data dependent quantities : using some king of moment estimator or some quantity whose behaviour is well understood or using a maximum marginal likelihood estimator. In this work we first give some general results on how to determine posterior concentration rates under the former setting, which we apply in particular to two types of Dirichlet process mixtures. We then shall discuss more parametric models in the context of maximum marginal likelihood estimation. We will in particular explain why some pathological behaviour can be expected in this case.

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