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ST116: Mathematical Techniques

Lecturer(s): Dr Elke Thonnes

Important: This module is for students from the Statistics department only.

Prerequisite(s): None (A level Mathematics is assumed)

Commitment: 3 lectures and 1 problem class per week. This module runs in Term 1.

Content: An introduction to mathematical thinking and writing covered through examples and applications from the areas of counting and combinatorics, calculus, geometry and inequalities.

Aims: Students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and relations using problem solving techniques such as visualisation and exploration of patterns. By learning to express mathematical ideas clearly and precisely students will further deepen their understanding and enhance their mathematical reasoning and communication skills.

Objectives: At the end of the module students will be able to understand, construct, visualize and present a coherent, mathematical argument.

Assessment: 20% coursework and 80% exam held at the end of the Autumn Term (Week 10).

Deadlines: Assignment 1 week 2, Assignment 2 week 3, Assignment 3 week 4, Assignment 4 week 5, Assignment 5 week 6, Assignment 6 week 7.

Feedback: You will hand in answers to selected questions on the weekly problem sheets. Your work will be marked and returned to you in the tutorial taking place the following week when you will have the opportunity to discuss it. The results for the exam in December will be available by the end of Week 10 of Term 2.