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YRM: James Griffin


Title: Being a Junior Medical Statistician

Abstract: This talk will describe how I came to be a statistician working in medicine. As a first year PhD student I do not have a vast amount to say about my original research to date. Therefore I will focus this talk on work I did in my previous life as a junior medical statistician. This talk will demonstrate the opportunities that the roles provided and the challenges a junior medical statistician may face working in such an interdisciplinary environment. The FixDT study, my first completed randomised controlled trial (RCT), will provide a motivating example of what a junior medical statistician does. FixDT was an RCT comparing two methods of fixation for adults with a broken tibia and I will briefly describe my involvement with the study design, the analysis and the results. Finally I will explain how my previous roles have motivated my decision to undertake a PhD here at Warwick Statistics.

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