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Hear from our Alumni

We catch up with our alumni to hear what they have to say about how the MSc in Financial Mathematics has had a real impact on their careers.

Luxmi Kiran

MSc Financial Mathematics, 2017/18.

Picture of Subhankar Mitra

"I studied at WBS in 2017/2018. I had an amazing time and learnt a lot in this short period of time. I studied Financial Mathematics and the lecturers were some of the best people I have met. I am currently working at UBS in a Quant position, and the courses I did in my Master's are all very relevant in my day-to-day job and I believe that deciding to do this Master's was one of the best decisions I took in life so far.

Based on my experience and what I wish I had done more/less these are my tips to future students:

1) Know what you want to achieve from your course

University of Warwick is a great place to realise your potential and build your skills. If you are not sure what you want to do after your course, the career office is a great place to start. Find what area of finance you want to land in (if you are finance students) and start building on specific skills earlier. The career office has helped me a lot to understand the job application process and what skills I can build to have an edge.

2) Make the most of office hours

The Financial Mathematics course had some of the best academics and learning from them is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. Making the most of office hours is a great way to make the most of your course.

3) Using the facilities in the campus

The University of Warwick has one of the best facilities. I made full use of the sports centre and the swimming pool and was very happy with the service. The university has some beautiful infrastructure. One of my favourite buildings was the Oculus building and even though I didn't have lectures there I could go and study there, and appreciate the building. If you stay on campus, waking up early and experiencing wildlife is magical. I miss seeing rabbits and ducks when I wake up.

4) Make the most of your student life

Make the most of your student life. You can make great connections when you are surrounded by many like-minded people. Make the most of it!"

Luke Jeeves

Quantitative Finance Analyst, Bank of America

MSc Financial Mathematics, 2018/19.

"A strong understanding of financial mathematics and quantitative modelling is fundamental in the role, so the course set me up perfectly for this role, offering a broad range of mathematical and statistical theory, economic background, as well as technical skills such as coding which are massively useful. My course really prepared me for the working world in a variety of ways. Firstly, it taught me how to work on multiple projects simultaneously, often needing to process information from many sources in different ways i.e. lectures, online resources, books. This is similar to life in my role now, as important information and work can come from anywhere, so you always have to be ready for it. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, my course taught me that attitude can make a huge difference. I learnt quickly to approach my studies with a healthy desire to learn and this has carried over into my working role, where I’m always looking for opportunity to absorb new information."

Joe Rickelton

Quantitative Analyst, G-Research, London.

MSc Financial Mathematics, 2017/18.

"The MSc Financial Mathematics combines WBS with the Mathematics and the Statistics departments of Warwick, each prestigious in their own right. The course content is focussed on quantitative finance theory and practice with enough variety to give many career path options on graduation. Lecturers and supervisors are always willing to help during lectures, in office hours or over email, so you can get the most from their expertise. For me, the main benefit of the course is now feeling like I am able to independently access most quantitative finance literature and apply it."

James Carey

Senior Consultant, Audit & Risk Advisory, Deloitte, London.

MSc Financial Mathematics, 2014/15

Picture of James Carey


"I decided to enrol in the MSc Financial Mathematics, after conducting research on the top postgraduate degrees, to achieve my goal of becoming a quantitative analyst for a top financial institution. Throughout this research process the MSc was consistently described as rigorous, comprehensive and having a reputation of producing high-calibre graduates within the City and wider quantitative finance community. Having now completed the course and moved into a quantitative role implementing mathematical models for pricing exotic options in Deloitte, I can categorically state the course is the perfect choice for any students with similar career aspirations. From week one with the Fundamental Tools revision course, the MSc prepares students for the rigors of this career path and ensure that graduates have a firm grasp and practical knowledge of advanced financial mathematics topics. On a daily basis in my role I use the topics thought in Numerical Methods & Programming, C++ for Quantitative Finance and Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models. The modules provided in the course are taught by top academics in the field, teaching concepts used in the City which gives graduates an excellent footing starting in a quantitative career. The University provides world-class resources and the platform for any motivated, hard-working student to achieve their career goals!"

Han Feng

Associate, Market Risk Modelling, Goldman Sachs

MSc Financial Mathematics 2009/10

Picture of Han Feng

"I chose to study the MSc Financial Mathematics at Warwick because of its excellent reputation and the fact that it is a well-structured program. The course not only delivered both financial and quantitative knowledge, it also provided me with chances to develop a range of valuable skills. In addition, the dissertation project at the end of the course enabled me to practise the knowledge and skills I gained and inspired me to undertake a PhD. Undoubtedly, my MSc and PhD studies helped me land my current job. I am now working as an Associate in the Market risk modelling group at Goldman Sachs. The experience I gained from the MSc Financial Mathematics course gave me a strong foundation for both my PhD research and my current career. I feel very fortunate and remain grateful that I was able to undertake this MSc course."

Subhankar Mitra

Quant, Citigroup, London

MSc Financial Mathematics 2009/10Picture of Subhankar Mitra

"Coming from a computer science background and aspiring to become a quant, I was looking for a good formal training in financial mathematics. WBS with its excellent reputation in the industry combined with modules from the highly regarded Warwick Mathematics Institute and the Department of Statistics made this course a very attractive choice. Right from laying down the foundations to introducing some of the more advanced and industry relevant topics, the modules had a wide coverage and were very well taught. In my current role as a front office rates quant at Citigroup, many of these topics are directly applicable on a regular basis. The dissertation towards the end of the course provided me with an excellent opportunity to further improve my understanding in a specific area and apply it to more practical problems. I would highly recommend Warwick and this course in particular because I believe that for a relatively involved quantitative discipline such as Financial Mathematics it is important to get a good learning platform and this course provides one."