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Give a talk / Poster

The RSC Conference is an excellent opportunity for delegates to present their research to fellow postgraduate students.


Over two days of the conference, delegates are invited to give short presentations about their research. In order to give everyone an opportunity to speak, talks are run simultaneously in up to 4 different seminar rooms.

The seminar rooms will have

  • a fixed computer with data projector for pdf or powerpoint presentation.
  • laptop input for data projector
  • overhead projector
  • black boards
  • white boards

Talks must be strictly no longer than 15 mins with a further 5 mins allocated for questions in order that all parallel sessions are running to the same schedule. Further information and guidelines about talks will be given.


The poster session will run for around 2 hours on the Tuesday. During this time you should be near your poster in order to answer questions from interested participants.

Posters will need to be handed in to the conference organisers at registration on the Monday. The maximum poster size allowed is expected to be A1, but this will be confirmed once registration has closed.


Delegates are given the opportunity to chair sessions of 4 or 5 talks, presenting the speakers and opening the floor to questions afterwards. Further information and guidelines for chairs will be given.


A latex template must be used for abstract submissions (for both talks and posters). Please, name the .tex file with your surname (ex: Rogers.tex).

Abstracts must be sent to the e-mail rsc2010 'at' with the subject "Abstract submission" and a line indicating if it refers to talk or poster presentation.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 19th.