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P@W Young Researchers Workshop: Programme


Please click here for the workshop timetable.


The workshop will feature two mini-courses, each consisting of five lectures of ninety minutes:
  • One methodology for random graphs and random networks

    Prof. D. Aldous (University of California, Berkeley)
When useful calculations can be done within random graph models, they are often implicitly exploiting the locally tree-likeproperty of the model. In this course, several overlapping aspects of a project making this property explicit will be described:

1. The mean field model of distance.

2. Local weak convergence of random graphs.

3. Recursive distributional equations for additively renormalized limits.

From elementary results we will work up to 2 examples which are non-rigorously solvable via sophisticated 3-line arguments: 1. Mean length of traveling salesman problem in mean-field model. 2. Flow through a random disordered directed network
Slides and relevant papers appear here:
The most relevant reference is the survey paper the objective method.
  • Separation of time scales and averaging of fast subsystems for stochastic chemical reaction models

    Prof. T. Kurtz (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    1. Stochastic equations for counting processes
    2. Stochastic models for chemical reactions
    3. Identifying separated time scales in stochastic models of reaction networks
    4. Averaging fast subsystems
    5. Central limit theorems and diffusion approximations
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Exercise classes

There will be some time in the afternoons for the participants to think about issues arising from the lecture courses. These sessions will be run by Warwick postgraduate students/postdocs.

Participant talks

Participants are encouraged, but by no means obliged, to present their own work in one of the afternoon sessions. Speakers may choose to give an informal introduction to an area of interest, or to present a more detailed account of their research (subject to timetabling constraints). If you would be interested in presenting some work, please indicate this when completing your registration form.

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 July 20-24, 2009
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