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Probability 2008: New Scaling Limits and Other Recent Developments

Monday 31st March to Friday 4th April 2008

This workshop revived a tradition of approximately annual UK probability meetings. For its major theme chose the topic of "new scaling limits in probability" (SLE, random matrices, coagulation and fragmentation, SPDE). These have already demonstrated their relevance in an impressive range of theoretical developments and applications. Their international recognition may be best illustrated by the recent award of the Fields medal to Werner for his work on SLE. The growth of these ideas is expected to be one of the dominant features of early 21st century probability theory, and they should have a major impact on wide ranges of applied probability as we discover how to exploit the new capacity for modelling.

The highlightS of the workshop were the following four minicourses, each of three lectures:

  • Jean Bertoin: Coalescence and stochastic flows of bridges
  • Kurt Johansson: Scaling limits in random matrix theory and related models
  • Franco Flandoli: SPDEs in fluid dynamics
  • Scott Sheffield: Random geometry and the Schramm-Loewner evolution
Abstracts for these courses can be found here. Here is a report on the meeting.
The scope of the conference was not narrowly limited to these themes; invited speakers described work in other recent developments in probability: Philippe Biane, Vincent Beffara, Zdzislaw Brzezniak, Sandra Cerrai, Patrik Ferrari, Nicolas Fournier, Peter Friz, Christina Goldschmidt, Ilya Goldsheid, Ben Hambly, Simon Harris, Andreas Kyprianou, Wolfgang Konig, James Martin, Peter Mörters, James Norris, Neil O'Connell, Alain Rouault, Stanislav Smirnov, Amanda Turner, Matthias Winkel, Lorenzo Zambotti.

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