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Unless otherwise specified, the Stochastic Finance seminar takes place on Fridays at 11:00 am in room A1.01, Zeeman Building

Term 1
18.10.2019 John Armstrong (Kings College London)
  Isomorphisms of Markets
08.11.2019  Renyuan Xu (Oxford University)
  A Case Study on Pareto Optimality for Collaborative Stochastic Games
15.11.2019 Eric Renault (Univeristy of Warwick)
  Identification-Robust Inference for Risk Prices in Structural Stochastic Volatility Models
22.11.2019 Andreas Kyprianou (University of Bath)
  Entrance and exit at infinty for stable jump diffusions
29.11.2019 Miryana Grigorova (University of Leeds)
  A non-linear incomplete market model with default: Pricing of European and American options
Term 2
24.01.2020 Ernst Eberlein (University of Freiburg)  
  Multiple curve interest rate modelling  
Daniela Escobar (London School of Economics)  
  Robust pricing for insurance contracts, dynamic problems and possible extensions  
Drik Becherer (Humboldt University of Berlin)
  Optimal trade execution with transient relative price impact and directional views: A variational approach to a 3-dimensional non-convex free boundary problem  

For further information, please contact the seminar organiser Yan QU.