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All are welcome.
Unless otherwise specified, the Stochastic Finance seminar takes place on Friday at 2pm (London time) via MS Teams.

1. Warwick Stochastic Finance Seminar: the code for people to join the Teams directly: jwk7y4n

2. Note that there has been some security issues with Zoom, so the university has prohibited to run (internal) seminars via Zoom.

Term 1
16 Oct 2020 Ruodu Wang (University of Waterloo)
  An axiomatic foundation for the Expected Shortfall
23 Oct 2020 Moris Strub (Southern University of Science and Technology)

Forward Rank-Dependent Performance Criteria: Time-Consistent Investment Under Probability Distortion

30 Oct 2020 Jorge Gonzalez Cazares (Warwick)
  Monte Carlo methods for the extrema of Levy models
13 Nov 2020 Daniel Lacker (Columbia University)
  Local stochastic volatility models and inverting the Markovian projection
20 Nov 2020 Xiaofei Shi (Columbia University)
  Liquidity Risk and Asset Pricing
27 Nov 2020 Joseph Jerome (Warwick)
  Infinite Horizon Stochastic Differential Utility
 Term 2  
29 Jan 2021 Jean-Francois Chassagneux (Université de Paris)
  Modeling carbon markets using Forward-Backward SDEs
2 Feb 2021 (unusual time!) Yufei Zhang (Oxford University)
  Deep neural network approximations to stochastic control problems
12 Feb 2021 Said Hamadene (Le Mans Université)
  Mean-field reflected backward stochastic differential equations
19 Feb 2021 Eduardo Davila (Yale University)
  Optimal Financial Transaction Taxes
26 Feb 2021 Bahman Angoshtari (University of Miami)
  Optimal Consumption under a Habit-Formation Constraint
5 Mar 2021 Dylan Possamai (ETH)
  Time-inconsistent control and backward integral Volterra SDEs
 Term 3  
28 April 2021 (3-4PM) Erhan Bayraktar (University of Michigan)
  Department Colloquium
7 May 2021 Masaaki Fukasawa (Osaka University)
  Volatility has to be rough
14 May 2021 Xun Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  An Optimal Investment Problem with Nonsmooth and Nonconcave Utility over a Finite Time Horizon
21 May 2021 Miryana Grigorova (University of Leeds)
  Pricing and hedging of options in non-linear incomplete financial market models
28 May 2021 Giorgio Ferrari (Bielefeld University)
4 June 2021 Stefan Ankirchner (University of Jena)
  The De Vylder-Goovaerts conjecture holds true within the diffusion limit

For further information, please contact the seminar organiser Gechun Liang.