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Public Engagement Practitioners

Martine has been a permanent Fellow of the Warwick Institute of EngagementLink opens in a new window since its inception.

Public engagement practitioners engage in activities with unselected members of the public purely so those members of the public can enjoy and understand an academic subject or research outputs. Examples include performing at festivalsLink opens in a new window, giving talks at Cafe ScientifiqueLink opens in a new window held in the community, running stalls of activities.

For details of our 2013/2014 meeetings see here:


Martine Barons Maths Busking at Leamington Peace Festival

Martine BaronsLink opens in a new window Maths Busking at Leamington Peace Festival


David Mond and Daniel Owen at Regional Big Bang 2013

David MondLink opens in a new window and Daniel OwenLink opens in a new window at Regional Big Bang 2013




Margaret LowLink opens in a new window at at Scratch@MIT 2012 conference




Margaret LowLink opens in a new window and others at the Mozilla Festival 2013

2013/14 meetings:

1. Daniel Owen demonstrated permutation using audience participation.

Nicholas Jackson Eastercon talk on error-correcting codes.

Kevin Moffatt talked about his public engagement activities and there followed a discussion on what makes good public engagement and what common mistakes to avoid.(PDF Document)

2. Big BangLink opens in a new window debrief led by Ali Caldicott: we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of this years’ stand, how to plan for next year and reflections how we wished to represent our subjects to the general public.

3. Jo Trowsdale on “Full STEAM ahead with the ImagineeriumLink opens in a new window: A pilot project to explore the value of arts-rich ways in to engineering for young learners (9-10 year olds)” Ways to add more maths were discussed.(PDF Document)

Carla Sarrouy on presenting research on the radioLink opens in a new window and via Pecha KuchaLink opens in a new window.

Nicholas Jackson 5-minute MathsJamLink opens in a new window talk

Also, Margaret Low’s The Sensing Our World workshop 24th June, advertised

4. Ian Hands-Portman a Pecha Kucha on engagement in schools and moving into adult engagement.

Martine Barons on local Café Scientifique Link opens in a new windowopportunities and tips for a successful talk.

Jonathan Menary on involvement in The Coventry Mystery PlaysLink opens in a new window (Postponed)

Plans for next year:

Rachel Edwards on Physics engagement

Jonathan Menary on The Coventry Mystery Plays

Training courses if possible.



‘How do I draw and keep a crowd at a festival?’

‘When I talk to all-comers about a technical subject, how do I make it
accessible without dumbing down to the point of inaccuracy?’

The public engagement practitioners group meets to share good practice and to discuss these and similar questions.

Ask to join the group here.