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Dr Horatio Boedihardjo

Scientific interests: My research studies Stieltjes-type iterated integrals along paths. These iterated integrals appear in the study of many fields in mathematics, such as the cohomology of the loop space, control theory, stochastic analysis, number theory, and more recently in machine learning.

I currently serve as a Scientific Advisor of the Hong Kong Observatory.

Publication list can be found here.

Email address: "horatio.boedihardjo" followed by "".

Short Bio:

Associate Professor, Statistics Department, University of Warwick Jul 2020-Present

Lecturer in Probability/Stochastic Analysis, University of Reading Sept 2015-June2020 

Research Associate, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance Dec2013-Aug2015

Supervisor: Prof. Terry Lyons

D.Phil, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford  2013 (conferred 2014)

Supervisor: Prof. Zhongmin Qian

Slides from my talk:

Slides from my Oberwolfach talk in Dec 2020

Office hours: 16:30-17:30 on Monday and Friday. On week 10, 2 July, the office hour will be at 17:30-18:30 instead. If you want to come just give me a call on Teams – instructions are here (link). If I am already in a call then drop me a message in Teams chat and I will call you back.