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Dr Alice Corbella

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate of the Bayes4Health collaboration, a project that aims at developing new advanced methods to tackle health problems. I work under the joint supervision of Gareth Roberts and Simon Spencer.

As part of my current work, I am looking at MCMC methods, particularly focussing on the Zig-Zag sampling (Bierkens et al, 2019) and its application to Bayesian inference of infectious disease dynamics from epidemic data.

Previously, I was in Cambridge (MRC Biostatistics Unit), where I did a PhD under the joint supervision of Anne Presanis and Dani De Angelis on epidemic models for influenza. You can find my PhD thesis here.

Please come to my office (MB 3.13) for a coffee (strictly Italian espresso) and a chat on the most interesting topics of stats (MCMC, SMC, dynamics models and SSMs, infectious disease dynamics, model identifiability and many more!).


Contact Details

Department of Statistics
University of Warwick