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Dr Richard Everitt

I am an Associate Professor in Statistics. My research is in methodology for Bayesian computation, applied to problems in statistical genetics, neuroscience, ecology, weather and climate, spatial statistics, network analysis and signal processing. For my latest news see my blog, or for my publications see my Google scholar page. I have a personal website.


Term 1

ST344 Professional Practice of Data Analysis

Term 2

ST420 Statistical Learning and Big Data

Teaching office hours

My Office Hours are Wednesday 1530-1630 and Thursday 1330-1430.

If you want to meet me just give me a call on Teams – instructions are here. If I am already in a call then drop me a message in Teams chat and I will call you back.

I will mostly be working from home due to the pandemic. Please email me if there is anything you need to discuss.

Booking a meeting with me

Please email me if you need to book a meeting, after checking my availability at this link (click on "Week" at the top right for a view that is easier to navigate) and taking into account the following constraints:

  • propose a meeting starting 10am or later, and ending 4pm or earlier;

  • please book your meeting next to an existing one.

Until further notice, these meetings will be on Teams.

Richard Everitt

MSB 3.09

024 7615 0136

richard dot everitt at warwick dot ac dot uk