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Preprints and Reports

  1. S. French, J Rios and T.J. Stewart (2011) `Decision Analysis and Scenario Thinking for Nuclear Sustainability. ’ Working Paper(PDF Document) 

  2. S.French and K.Wilson (2012) 'Bayesian Treatment of Negative Intensity Measurements in Crystallography.' Working Paper (PDF Document)
  3. S. French, N. Argyris, H. Layton, J,Q. Smith, S. M. Haywood and M. Hort (2016). Presenting Uncertain Information in Radiological Emergencies. UK Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Liaison Committee. Link
  4. S. French and N. Argyris (2017) 'Decision Analysis and Political Processes' Submitted to Decision Analysis. Preprint.  

Selected Publications


  1. S. French and D. Rios Insua (2000) Statistical Decision Theory. Edward Arnold, London . Now published by Wiley. Details
  2. S. French, J. Maule and N. Papamichail (2009) Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support. Cambridge University Press. Details
  3. D. Rios Insua and S.French (eds) (2010) e‑Participation. A Group Decision and Negotiation Perspective. Springer, Dordrecht. Details


  1. N. Argyris and S. French (2017) ‘Nuclear Emergency Decision Support: a Behavioural OR perspective’ European Journal of Operational Research 262, 180-193. Link
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  7. S. French (2012) ‘Cynefin, Statistics and Decision Analysis’. Journal of the Operational Research Society. In press. Link.
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Full List of Publications

A full list of my publications is available here (PDF Document)