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Dr Miryana Grigorova

Dr. Miryana Grigorova holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from University Paris-Dauphine and a Master's degree in Stochastic Modelling from University Paris-Diderot. She gained a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis on stochastic modelling for financial applications from University Paris-Diderot. Dr. Grigorova worked as a Research Associate at Humboldt University-Berlin, the Center for Excellence in Risk and Insurance in Hannover, and at Bielefeld University. Dr. Grigorova held the position of Lecturer in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Leeds. She served as the Programme Director of the MSc Financial Mathematics at the School of Mathematics of the same institution and as the Liaison Manager between the School of Mathematics and Leeds University Business School. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick. Her research interests lie at the interface of probability theory, stochastic analysis, mathematical finance and actuarial science. Her recent research focuses on topics in stochastic control, optimal stopping, game theory, risk measures, and their applications to finance, economics, and insurance.

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