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Essay topics 2023

The Interim Academic Director at AIMS-Cameroon, Dr. Daniel Duviol Tcheutia, has called for essay topics, with particular interest in.

The most popular topics were:

Data Science Applied to Health, Agriculture, Energy, Finance, with health the most popular;

Machine learning; Mathematical modelling of disease or climate;

Statistics; Financial Mathematics and Cryptography.

You can submit essay topics for our students by filling this form. Below are some important information and the main deadlines. First of all, let us remind you of the general purposes. Offers by 11 February 2023.

The main goal of an AIMS research project is:

  • to give students the opportunity to work with an expert supervisor on a research project;

  • to go through the process of reviewing, understanding and explaining scientific or mathematical material, providing them therefore a step towards becoming intellectually independent;

  • to optionally do experiments/simulations (on a computer or otherwise) and report the results;

  • to write a scientific report which could also be published if possible and could serve as a document people can use to judge the student for their future positions/applications.

Students are not expected to absolutely do original work to achieve a passing grade. However, the criterion for an outstanding project is broadly that it could constitute an early but important part of a Research Master's thesis. For example it could be publishable, or form an outstanding introduction to the field for use by those wishing to enter it.

The phase dedicated to research project is scheduled as follows:

  • March 20 - April 08, 2023: students working on the essay partly on their essays while taking in parallel a course ;

  • April 10 - May 20, 2023: students working exclusively on the essay with no class;

  • Essays must be submitted by May 20 at 23:59:59;

  • May 22 - June 03, 2023: Preparation for Oral presentation of the Essays;

  • June 05 - 16: Oral presentation of the Essays

  • June 24, 2022: Graduation.

Projects should be of an appropriate scope to allow students to do the necessary reading, work, and writing in this time. We expect the supervisor to be available during the period of research project, to guide the student and respond in a timely manner to queries and to comment on drafts.

The recommended length of the research project is between 25 to 35 pages.

Important notes: Guidance on the structure and content (including the general use of English) is the supervisor's responsibility.

Each student is assigned an AIMS-Cameroon tutor for the duration of the project. The tutor may act to ease communications with remote supervisors and be at hand to advise and assist the student. The tutor is not a co-supervisor but will follow the technical content of the project and the supervisor's expectations. Experience has shown this to be extremely helpful to both supervisor and student. The tutor is expected to assist with exposition and grammar, and preparation of the oral defence.

The Academic Director (yet to be appointed) is also available for consultation by tutors, students and supervisors. When writing to students, supervisors should put in copy the tutor in charge of the project to avoid giving conflicting directives to the student.

Supervisors are requested to submit a short (one paragraph) report to the Academic Team (academia-ml@aims-cameroon.orgLink opens in a new window) by May 22, 2023.

The report will be included with the project for examination and sent to external examiners on May 22. The report should indicate the task originally set for the research project, how much independent work was done by the student and any special circumstances in the writing of the project.

Where there is no specific arrangement, each supervisor is entitled to a lump sum of 200.000 XAF per research project successfully completed (that is *165.000 XAF* for supervision and *35.000 FCFA* for attending, possibly online, the Jury for oral presentation). Supervisors living in Cameroon will be invited to spend 2 to 5 days at AIMS-Cameroon for initial contact with the student(s) during the period April 10 - May 20, 2023. Non Cameroonian supervisors could also be invited during the same period depending on their availabilities and the availability of our funding.

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