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HEFCE January 2005: Young Participation in Higher Education

HEFCE January 2005: Young Participation in Higher Education

My comments on this report can be found here.

The HEFCE Report

The Select Committee on Science and Technology First Report includes the following:

24. We are deeply concerned by the skills shortages afflicting, in particular, the quantitative branches of social science. It is hard to see how significant progress towards rectifying these shortages can be made through deployment of ESRC's limited resources. Furthermore, skills shortages in quantitative subjects affect all the Research Councils. If Government is serious about addressing skills shortages in key subjects it needs to find a more effective mechanism to achieve this. We recommend that a cross-Council approach be developmed to the reversal of this erosion of the skills base. (Paragraph 66).

The Statistics Commission is an independent non-departmental pulic body.

National Statistics