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Statistical Kendalls

I know of three statistical Kendalls:

(1) Maurice Kendall:
author of various classic books on statistics, including Advanced Theory of Statistics (later editions co-authored with A. Stuart, and then also with K. Ord ...);
(2) David George Kendall:
has worked in applied probability especially queues, epidemics, more recently formulating and developing a theory of Statistics of Shape;
(3) Wilfrid Stephen Kendall:
co-author, with D. Stoyan and J. Mecke, of Stochastic Geometry and its Applications (Wiley 1987, second edition 1995); interests in stochastic geometry, relationships between Brownian motions and geometry, applications of computer algebra to statistics and probability.
M.G. Kendall (now deceased) is not related to either of the other two.

W.S. Kendall (that's me) is the son of D.G. Kendall.

Watch out for a forthcoming Wiley book by D.G. Kendall and others on the Statistical Theory of Shape!

There is another, non-statistical but currently more famous, Kendall of whom you may have heard:

Bridget Kendall:
BBC journalist, posted to Moscow for a period including the attempted coup against Gorbachev and for some time thereafter, now reporting for the BBC from Washington DC;
Bridget Kendall is my sister.
If you are (or know of) another statistical Kendall to be added to this page, contact me at my email address.

Last update: 12 December 2003

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