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A Few Words...

Thank you for your interest in arriving at my Home Page. I have been in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick since Autumn 2004; previous to this I was Head of the Statistics & Management Mathematics Group at the University of Birmingham. My range of theoretical and applied interests in Statistics, both for research and teaching, is described here. My research began at the University of Leicester, some while ago..., while lecturing there. I have held various visiting appointments in the USA, Australia and Japan and have active collaborations with overseas colleagues. My most active area at the moment is sychronised-laser chaos communication modelling; this is concerned with systems which transmit messages embedded in chaotic laser waves and are compared to a synchronised laser at the receiver in order to decode the message. Theory for efficient transmitting and receiving of binary bit messages, in spite of synchronization and channel noise, is being developed in association with communication engineering researchers; it rests heavily on the statistical aspects of chaos, a new and interesting area itself, and allows accurate assessment of system performance. I teach across a wide range of topics, as mentioned later, and in particular offer the publicly available courses 'Statistics in Finance' and 'Statistical Analysis and Modelling of Financial Time Series'. Another interest is in the use and misuse of statistical analysis in government publications.


  • Royal Statistical Society/ service
  • American Statistical Association (Elected Fellow, 1997)/citation
  • International Statistical Institute (Elected Member, 1980)


  • B.Sc. Mathematics (University of Leicester) 1963
  • M.Sc. Statistics (University of Wales) 1965
  • Ph.D. Statistics (University of Leicester) 1969

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