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Neuroimaging Statistics Research at Warwick

Seminars 2016 - 2017

Venue: C1.06 (Zeeman Bldg.), Thursdays 12:00.
If you would like to present send an email to

Date Presenter & Topic
25 May


18 May

Tom Nichols

11 May

Simon Schwab: "Collins et al. (2017). Focal temporal pole atrophy and network degeneration in semantic variant primary progressive aphasia." (paper)

4 May

Soroosh Afyouni & Tom Nichols: "Inference and insight for DVARS" (paper)

23 Mar

Kenneth Lim: "Evaluating study quality and reproducibility in economics and psychology."

16 Mar

Thomas Nichols: "An introduction to Mendelian Randomisation." (paper, paper)

9 Mar

Wei Cheng: "Cheng et al. (2017). Functional connectivity decreases in autism in emotion, self, and face circuits identified by Knowledge-based Enrichment Analysis." (paper)

23 Feb Tom Maullin-Sapey: "Visualisation and Integration of Multiple Brain Imaging Studies."
16 Feb Jessie Liu: "Miller et al. (2016). Multimodal population brain imaging in the UK Biobank prospective epidemiological study." (paper)
9 Feb Ruth Harbord: "Narayan and Allen (2016). Mixed Effects Models for Resampled Network Statistics Improves Statistical Power to Find Differences in Multi-Subject Functional Connectivity." (paper)
2 Feb Alex Bowring: "Carp J (2012): On the plurality of (methodological) worlds: estimating the analytic flexibility of fMRI experiments." (paper)
26 Jan Camille Maumet: "Poldrack, RA et al. (2017). Scanning the Horizon: Towards Transparent and Reproducible Neuroimaging Research. Nature Reviews Neuroscience." (paper)
19 Jan Simon Schwab: "Schwab S, Federspiel A, Morishima Y, Nakataki M, Strik W, Wiest R, Heinrichs M, de Quervain D, Soravia LM (2017). Glucocorticoids change neural decoding in the middle cingulate cortex accompanied by a reduction of subjective fear in patients with spider phobia." (paper)
1 Dec Thomas Nichols: "Westfall, J., Nichols, T., & Yarkoni, T. (2016). Fixing the stimulus-as-fixed-effect fallacy in task fMRI." (paper)
24 Nov

Wei Cheng, Edmund Rolls, and Jianfeng Feng (DCS): "Functional connectivity in depression: the big data approach." (paper)

10 Nov

Ruth Harbord: "Laumann et al. (2016): On the Stability of BOLD fMRI Correlations". (paper)

20 Oct Jessie Liu: "X Zhang et al. (2016): Bayesian model reveals latent atrophy factors with dissociable cognitive trajectories in Alzheimer’s disease". (paper)
13 Oct Camille Maumet: "NIDM-Results. A standard for describing and sharing neuroimaging
results: application to image-based meta-analysis". (paper)
06 Oct Tom Nichols: "Iturria-Medina et al. (2016): Early role of vascular dysregulation on late-onset Alzheimer’s disease based on multifactorial data-driven analysis". (paper)
22 Sep Simon Schwab: "Schultz & Cole (2016): Higher Intelligence Is Associated with Less Task-Related Brain Network Reconfiguration". (paper)

Previous Seminars

Seminars 2015 - 2016

Venue: C1.06 (Zeeman Bldg.), Thursdays 12:00.

Date Presenter & Topic
16 Jun Tom Nichols: "Westfall, Yarkoni (2016): Statistically Controlling for Confounding Constructs Is Harder than You Think". (paper)
09 Jun Camille Maumet: "The Open Science Collaboration: Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science". (paper)
02 Jun Simon Schwab: "Dubois, Adophs (2016): Building a Science of Individual Differences from fMRI". (paper)
26 May Silvia Montagna: "Stingo et al. (2013): An integrative Bayesian Modeling approach to imaging genetics". (paper)
19 May Jessie Liu: "Tavor et al. (2016): Task-free MRI predicts individual differences in brain activity during task performance". (paper)
12 May Ruth Harbord: "Hindriks et al. (2016): Can sliding-window correlations reveal dynamic functional connectivity in resting-state fMRI?". (paper)
05 May Tom Nichols: "Salomon et al. (2016): The “Pain Matrix” in Pain-Free Individuals". (paper) [cancelled]
28 Apr Mark Fiecas: "Carhart-Harris et al (2016): Neural correlates of the LSD experience revealed by multimodal neuroimaging". (paper) (relevant reference)
17 Mar Pantelis Samartsidis: "Wehbe et al (2015): Regularised brain reading with shrinkage and smoothing". (paper)
10 Mar Soorosh Afyouni: "Understanding Rich Club with a Stochastic Block Model: A Connectome Study of Schizophrenia".
03 Mar

Habib Ganjgahi: "C Widmer et al (2014): Further Improvements to Linear Mixed Models for Genome-Wide Association Studies" & "J Yang et al (2014): Advantages and pitfalls in the application of mixed-model association methods". (paper1) (paper2)

25 Feb Zhangdaihong 'Jessie' Liu: "MD Rosenberg et al (2016): A neuromarker of sustained attention from whole-brain functional connectivity". (paper)
18 Feb Mark Fiecas: "SJ Harrison et al (2015): Large-scale Probabilistic Functional Modes from resting state fMRI". (paper)
11 Feb

Ruth Harbord: "M Manninoa, SL Bresslera (2015): Foundational perspectives on causality in large-scale brain networks". (paper)

04 Feb

Bernd Taschler: "AD Boes et al (2015): Network localization of neurological symptoms from focal brain lesions". (paper)

28 Jan

Sara Wade: "Seiler et al (2013): Random Spatial Structure of Geometric Deformations and Bayesian Nonparametrics". (paper)

21 Jan

Chenyang Tao: "Let's chop them up! A brief survey on SIR techniques". (reference 1) (reference 2) ((PDF Document) slides)

14 Jan

Tom Nichols: "A Eklund, TE Nichols, H Knutsson (2015): Can parametric statistical methods be trusted for fMRI based group studies?". (paper)

10 Dec

Hongu Zhu (UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health): "Functional analysis of neuroimaging data."

03 Dec

Zhangdaihong 'Jessie' Liu: "Finn et al. (2015): Functional connectome fingerprinting: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivity". (paper)

26 Nov

Alex Bowring: "Sommerfeld et al. (2015): Confidence regions for excursion sets in asymptotically Gaussian random fields, with an application to climate". (paper)

19 Nov

Bernd Taschler: "C Dwork et al. (2015): The reusable holdout: Preserving validity in adaptive data analysis". (paper)

12 Nov

Tom Nichols: "S Smith, TE Nichols et al. (2015): A positive-negative mode of population covariation links brain connectivity, demographics and behavior". (paper)

05 Nov

Stefano Castruccio (Newcastle University): "A Scalable Multi-resolution Model for Activation and Spatial Connectivity in fMRI Data".

29 Oct

Pantelis Samartsidis: "SW Linderman, RP Adams (2014): Discovering Latent Network Structure in Point Process Data". (paper)

15 Oct

Ruth Harbord: "D Heckerman et al. (2000): Dependency Networks for Inference, Collaborative Filtering, and Data Visualisation". (paper)

01 Oct Mark Fiecas: "Bayesian Modelling for Imaging Genetics". (reference1) (reference2)
24 Sep Habib Ganjgahi: "J Eu-ahsunthornwattana et al. (2014): Comparison of methods to account for relatedness in genome-wide association studies with family-based data". (paper)
10 Sep Silvia Montagna: "Y Yang et al. (2016): Identifying functional subdivisions in the human brain using meta-analytic activation modeling-based parcellation." (paper)

2014 - 2015

Presenter & Topic
28 May
Bryan Guillaume: "Non-parametric inference for longitudinal and repeated-measures neuroimaging data with Wild Bootstrap".
14 May
Mark Fiecas: "MR Arbabshirani et al. (2014): Impact of autocorrelation on functional connectivity". (paper)
07 May
Bernd Taschler: "S Sturtz, K Ickstadt (2013): Comparison of Bayesian methods for flexible modeling of spatial risk surfaces in disease mapping". (paper)
30 Apr
Habib Ganjgahi: "CW Woo, A Krishnan, T Wagner (2014): Cluster-extent based thresholding in fMRI analyses: Pitfalls and recommendations". (paper)
23 Apr
Jeanette Mumford: "Advanced fMRI Methods: Improving single-trial parameter estimates for multivoxel pattern analysis".
16 Apr
Pantelis Samartsidis: "A Baddeley, E Rubak, J Moller (2011): Score, pseudo-score and residual diagnostics for spatial point process models". (paper)
26 Mar
Dragana Pavlovic: "C Ambroise, C Matias (2011): New consistent and asymptotically normal estimators for random graph mixture models". (paper)
05 Mar
Mark Fiecas: "Covariate-modulated local false discovery rate for genome-wide association studies". (paper 1) (paper 2)
26 Feb
Camille Maumet: "A Lefebvre et al (2015): Neuroanatomical diversity of corpus callosum and brain volume in autism: meta-analysis, analysis of the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (Abide) project, and simulation". (paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
19 Feb
Ruth Harbord: "CJ Keller et al (2014): Corticocortical evoked potentials reveal projectors and integrators in human brain networks."
(paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
12 Feb
Bernd Taschler: "E Combrisson, K Jerbi (2015): Exceeding chance level by chance - The caveat of theoretical chance levels in brain signal classification and statistical assessment of decoding accuracy ". (paper)
05 Feb
Silvia Montagna: "J Won Hyun et al (2014): SGPP - spatial Gaussian predictive process models for neuroimaging data".
(paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
29 Jan
Pantelis Samartsidis: "W Xue et al (2014): Identifying functional co-activation patterns in neuroimaging studies via Poisson graphical models". (paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
22 Jan
Habib Ganjgahi: "N Fusi et al (2014): Warped linear mixed models for the genetic analysis of transformed phenotypes".
(paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
15 Jan
Ivor Cribben: "Time varying connectivity models for brain imaging data".
08 Jan
Tom Nichols: "Life in a Shell (III) - intermediate shell scripting".
11 Dec
Soroosh Afyouni: "Understanding Rich-Club with Stochastic Block Model".
04 Dec
Ahmed Fetit: "MRI texture analysis for the characterisation of childhood brain tumours".
( (PDF Document) slides)
27 Nov
Silvia Montagna: "Functional Bayesian point process model for neuroimaging meta-analysis data".
( (PDF Document) slides)
20 Nov
Mark Fiecas: "Nonstationary time series models for dynamic correlation analysis".
(related paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
06 Nov
Dragana Pavlovic: "Clustering and Inference in Multi-Subject Networks with Mixture Model".
30 Oct
Ruth Harbord: "An Introduction to Cortical Neurons".
23 Oct
Theodore Papamarkou: "A Hands-on Introduction to Julia (Programming Language)". (examples)
download and install info: python, Julia, IJulia
16 Oct
Pantelis Samartsidis: "K-J Lee et al (2014): Spatial Bayesian Variable Selection Models on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Time-Series Data". (paper) ( (PDF Document) slides)
09 Oct

Thomas Nichols: "Life in a Shell (II)". ((PDF Document) slides)

25 Sep
Thomas Nichols: "Life in a Shell (I)". (slides + links)
Keywords: shell, bash scripting, command line, profile settings.


2013 - 2014

Presenter & Topic
26 June Thomas Nichols: "J. Suckling et al. (2014). Are power calculations useful? A multicentre neuroimaging study".
19 June OHBM Review.
22 May Bernd Taschler: "R. L. Wolpert and K. Ickstadt (1998). Poisson/Gamma Random Field Models for Spatial Statistics".
15 May Camille Maumet: "R. Poldrack et al. (2013). Toward open sharing of task-based fMRI data: the OpenfMRI project".
8 May Mark Fiecas: "An introduction to imaging genetics, and its applications to longitudinal imaging".
24 Apr. Pantelis Samartsidis: "Anisotropic kernels for coordinate-based meta-analyses of neuroimaging studies” by J. Radua et al., Frontiers in Psychiatry (2014).
27 Mar. Anderson Winkler: "Permutation inference for the general linear model."
20 Mar. Lilia Carolina Carneiro Da Costa: "The estimation of multiple networks using Multiregression Dynamic Models".
13 Mar. Dragana Pavlovic: "Mariadassou et al. (2010). Uncovering Latent Structure in Valued Graphs: A Variational Approach"
20 Feb. Mark Fiecas: "Likelihood Methods for Measuring Statistical Evidence"
13 Feb. Bryan Guillaume: "Li et al. (2011). Multiscale adaptive regression models for neuroimaging data"
6 Feb. Thomas Nichols: "V.E. Johnson (2013). Revised standards for statistical evidence."
30 Jan. Bernd Taschler: "B. Gaonkar and C. Davatzikos (2013). Analytic estimation of statistical significance maps for support vector machine based multi-variate image analysis and classification."
23 Jan. Silvia Montagna: "Computer emulation with non-stationary Gaussian processes"
20 Jan. Camille Maumet: "Neuroinformatics Tools for Data Sharing & Meta-Analysis"
9 Jan. Pantelis Samartsidis: "J. Caspers et al. (2013). A novel meta-analytic approach: Mining frequent co-activation patterns in neuroimaging databases"
5 Dec. Habib Ganjgahi: "B. Phipson and G. K. Smyth (2010). Permutation P-values Should Never Be Zero: Calculating Exact P-values When Permutations Are Randomly Drawn"
28 Nov. Pantelis Samartsidis: "P. Fusar-Poli et al. (2013). Evidence of Reporting Biases in Voxel-Based Morphometry (VBM) Studies of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders"
21 Nov. Christopher Oates "Bayesian estimation of multiple graphical models", guest of Lilia Carolina Carneiro Da Costa
14 Nov. Xu Chen, "K. Lange et al. (1983) Extensions to pedigree analysis. IV. Covariance components models for multivariate traits"
7 Nov. Dragana (Ana) Pavlovic, "P. Latouche et al. (2011) Overlapping stochastic block models with application to the French political blogosphere".
31 Oct. Camille Maumet, "From group to patient-specific analysis of brain function in Arterial Spin Labelling and BOLD functional MRI"
24 Oct. Bryan Guillaume, "Bernal-Rusiel et al. (2013). Spatiotemporal linear mixed effects modeling for the mass-univariate analysis of longitudinal neuroimage data"
17 Oct. Tom Nichols, "David, S. P. et al. (2013). Potential reporting bias in FMRI studies of the brain"
10 Oct. Bernd Taschler, "Brain-Computer Interfacing: Neural Activation Patterns during Imagined Movements" and "Classification of Multiple Sclerosis Subtypes from the Geometry of White Matter Lesions"
3 Oct. Mark Fiecas, "Sparse methods in neuroimaging"


11 Oct. Lilia Carolina Carneiro Da Costa, "Model Selection of Multiregression Dynamic Models with application on Resting State fMRI"
18 Oct. Bryan Guillaume, "Huy Zhang (2008). Optimizing Kernel Size for the Smoothed Variance t-test."
25 Oct. Xu Chen, "Oliver E. Lee and Thomas M. Braun (2011). Permutation Tests for Random Effects in Linear Mixed Models."
1 Nov. John Aston, "Sourabh Bhattacharya and Ranjan Maitra (2011). A nonstationary nonparametric Bayesian approach to dynamically modeling effective connectivity in functional magnetic resonance imaging experiments."
8 Nov. Wenlian Lu, "Precuneus is the key brain region with links between schizophrenia and DISC1: evidences from multi-modal brain images and genetics"
15 Nov. Tian Ge, "A Bayesian Spatial Model and the Estimation of Spatially Varying Coefficients with Application to Multiple Sclerosis MRI Data"
22 Nov. Pantelis Samartsidis, "Coordinate Based Methods in Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis: ALE & MKDA"
3 Dec. Timothy Johnson, "A Nonparametric Bayesian Spatial Point Process Approach to Neuroimaging Meta Analysis"
17 Jan. Dragana Pavlovic, "Estimating Community Structure in the Brain Network of C. elegans"
24 Jan. Giorgos Minas, "Adaptive multivariate global testing"
31 Jan. Tian Ge, "Kernel Methods for Population-based Association Studies"
7 Feb. Tom Nichols, "Where is that signal (not)?"
14 Feb. Bryan Guillaume, "Analysis of longitudinal neuroimaging data with OLS & Sandwich Estimator of variance"
21 Feb. Pantelis Samartsidis, "Activation Likelihood Estimation: Method, Modifications and Interesting Statistical Aspects"
28 Feb. Dragana Pavlovic, "Zanghi et al. (2010). Clustering based on random graph model embedding vertex features."
7 Mar. John Aston, "Friston K. (2009). Causal Modelling and Brain Connectivity in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging."
14 Mar. Xu Chen, "Wang et al. (2011). Statistical Inference in Mixed Models and Analysis of Twin and Family Data."
2 May Habib Ganjgahi, "Lindquist et al. (2012). Estimating and testing variance components in a multi-level GLM."
9 May Tian Ge, "Causal Modeling and Variational Bayes"
16 May Lilia Carolina Carneiro Da Costa, "Graphical Hierarchical Model for Resting State Brain Imaging"
23 May Dragana Pavlovic, "Varoquaux and Craddock (2013). Learning and comparing functional connectomes across subjects."
30 May Wanlu Deng, "Learning causal networks on time series data"
27 Jun. Tom Nichols, Xu Chen, Tian Ge and Bryan Guillaume, "Review of the 2013 Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) meeting, Seattle, 16-20 June"
4 Jul. Tom Nichols, "Button et al. (2013). Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience."


6 Oct. Tom Nichols, "Kang et al. (2011). Meta Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data via Bayesian Spatial Point Processes."
13 Oct. Chrsitopher Nam, "Nam et al. (2012). Quantifying the Uncertainty in Change Points."
20 Oct. John Aston, "Worsley et al. (2002). A General Statistical Analysis for fMRI."
27 Oct. Tian Ge, "Imaging genetics and the use of random field theory in this field"
3 Nov. Lilia Carolina Carneiro Da Costa, "Varoquaux et al. (2010). A group model for stable multi-subject ICA on fMRI datasets."
10 Nov. Alberto Sorrentino, " Bayesian Inference of Multiple Dipoles in Magnetoencephalography"
17 Nov. Giorgos Minas, "fMRI clinical trials: Multivariate Testing using ROI data"
24 Nov. Bryan Guillaume, "Fast and Accurate Longitudinal Modelling for Neuroimaging"
1 Dec. Giorgos Minas, "Heritability Estimation by Restricted Maximum Likelihood for fMRI data''
8 Dec. Dragana Pavlovic, "Daudin et al. (2008). A mixture model for random graphs."
19 Jan. Tom Nichols, "Benjamini, Y. and Bogomolov, M. (2011). Adjusting for selection bias in testing multiple families of hypotheses."
26 Jan. John Aston, "Change-points in fMRI - Should we always assume we know the experimental design?"
2 Feb. Tian Ge, "Increasing Power for Voxel-wise Genome-wide Association Studies"
9 Feb. Davide Pigoli, "Spatial statistics for non Euclidean data"
16 Feb. Alberto Sorrentino, " Friston KJ, Harrison L and Penny W (2003). Dynamic causal modelling."
23 Feb. Yan Zhou, "Bayesian Model Comparison via Sequential Monte Carlo and Path Sampling With Applications to Position Emission Tomography Compartmental Model"
1 Mar. Xu Chen, "An OLS-based method for heritability estimation"
8 Mar. Bryan Guillaume, "Analysis of longitudinal imaging data with OLS & sandwich estimator standard errors""
3 May Bryan Guillaume, "Smith SM and Nichols TE (2009). Threshold-free cluster enhancement: Addressing problems of smoothing, threshold dependence and localisation in cluster inference."
10 May Christopher Nam, "Dynamic connectivity regression: Determining state-related changes in brain connectivity"
17 May Tian Ge, "Chunming Zhang, Jianqing Fan and Tao Yu (2011). Multiple Testing Via FDR_L For Large-scale maging Data."
24 May Giorgos Minas, "John A. D. Aston and Claudia Kirch (2013). Evaluating stationarity via change-point alternatives with applications to fMRI data.''
28 Jun. Steve Marron, "Object Oriented Data Analysis"
19 Jul. Joke Durnez, "Post-hoc power estimation for peak-level inference in single subject fMRI"