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Professor Thomas Nichols

[T. Nichols headshot] [OBDI]

I have moved! Thomas Nichols is now at the University of Oxford; this is an iterim web page; see also my Oxford home page.
Thomas Nichols is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Basic Biomedical Science and the Professor of Neuroimaging Statistics at the Oxford Big Data Institute. He previously was a Professor in the Warwick Department of Statistics and WMG, and before that the Director of Modelling & Genetics at the GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre at Hammersmith Hospital in London, where he worked on statistical methods for fMRI in the context of clinical trials, and integrating genetic data into brain image analyses. Before coming to the UK he was an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, and in 2001 received his Ph.D. in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University where he also trained in cognitive neuroscience. He has been active in the field of functional neuroimaging since 1992, when he worked at the University of Pittsburgh's PET Center as a programmer and statistician. Dr. Nichols' research focuses on modelling and inference of neuroimaging data, including PET, fMRI & M/EEG.

For a full list of publications please see my CV, my Google Scholar page, my NCBI Bibliography or ORCID profile; my research pages have publications in topical groups, or meet my students who do most of the work. My Neuroimaging Tips & Tricks blog has practical tips for neuroimaging researchers, and less practical stuff can be found on twitter.


Recent Publications:

Recent Presentations:


  • Human Connectome ProjectI am part of the Washington University - University of Minnesota Human Connectome Project, an ambitious international consortium focused on mapping the structural and functional connections in the human brain. I am working on the imaging genetics component of this study, which will image twins and their siblings, allowing the estimation of heritability of connectivity measures.

Recently Released

  • SnPM13SnPM13, the Statistical Nonparametric Mapping toolbox for SPM has been released, 6 March, 2013. See the SnPM page for more.

Neuroimaging Tips & Tricks

  • Visit my blog on Neuroimaging Tips & Tricks, an extension of the John's (SPM software) Gems pages I started almost 10 years ago.

Past Teaching:


Contact Info

Room D0.03
Deptment of Statistics
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)24 761 51086
Email: t.e.nichols 'at'
Blog: NISOx blog

[Book Cover]

Handbook of fMRI Data Analysis by Russ Poldrack, Thomas Nichols and Jeanette Mumford