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Professor Anastasia Papavasiliou

I got my PhD from Princeton University in 2002, working under the supervision of Professor Rene Carmona on stability questions for stochastic filtering and particle filters. In my final year as a PhD student, I had the opportunity to visit Professor Terry Lyons in Oxford, where I was introduced to the theory of rough paths. While working as a postdoctoral research associate for Professor Yannis Kevrekidis, I got interested in problems related to statistical inference and simulation for mutlscale systems. I joined the Department of Statistics as a lecturer in 2005 and my research since combines all these three themes.

Recently, I have been introduced by my sister, Nina Papavasiliou, Professor of Immunology at DKFZ, Heidelberg, to the world of RNA modifications, which is an emerging field in immunology, rich in statistical challenges.


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Dr Anastasia


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