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O'Bayes 2019: Objective Bayes Methodology Conference

University of Warwick, 29 June - 02 July 2019

Warwick Stats

Objective Bayes methodology conference

O'Bayes 2019 is dedicated to facilitate the exchange of recent research developments in objective Bayes theory, methodology and applications, and related topics, to provide opportunities for new researchers, and to establish new collaborations and partnerships. The meeting is the biennial meeting of the Objective Bayes section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

This will be the 13th meeting of one of the longest running and preeminent meetings in Bayesian statistics, following earlier meetings held in West Lafayette, IN, USA, 1996; Valencia, Spain, 1998; Ixtapa, Mexico, 2000; Granada, Spain, 2002; Aussois, France, 2003; Branson, MO, USA, 2005; Roma, Italy, 2007; Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2009; Shanghai, China, 2011; Durham, NC, USA 2013; Valencia, Spain 2015; and Austin, TX, USA, 2018.

A safe ISBA meeting

Please note that attendees to this meeting are expected to share our commitment to safeISBA . Compliance with ASA’s Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice and ISBA Code of Conduct is required of and tacitely endoresed by all participants.

Scientific committee

  • Marilena Barbieri, Universita di Roma
  • Ed George, Univ Pennsylvania,
  • Brunero Liseo, Universita di Roma,
  • Luis Pericchi, University of Puerto-Rico,
  • Judith Rousseau, Universite of Oxford,
  • Christian Robert, Universite Paris-Dauphine & University of Warwick

Local organizing committee

  • Mark Steel, University of Warwick

  • Cristiano Villa, University of Kent
  • Christian Robert, Universite Paris-Dauphine & University of Warwick

PhD students, post-docs and more senior researchers working in the field of objective Bayesian statistics, non-parametric Bayesian methods, Bayesian decision theory, and Bayesian machine learning are all invited to take part in the conference and to present their results during the lively poster sessions. Theoretical, methodological and applied contributions are all welcomed for a poster presentation.

In order to promote the participation of a large number of participants, registration fees will be kept as low as possible.


to be selected by the scientific committee

Conference poster: soon to come!

A worthwhile connection is that O'Bayes 2019 is immediately after the BNP 2019 conference in Oxford, taking place on 24-28 June 2019, close enough, in both travel time (45mn by direct train) and distance (70 miles), to benefit members of both Objective Bayes and Bayesian non-parametric communities, who should consider joint attendance.