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Former research group members

Dr Nick Tawn (2018-2019)
Dr Renata Retkute (2017-2018)
Dr Ed Knock (2017-2018)

PhD students:
Dr Adam Griffin (2013-2016)
Thesis title: Quasi-stationary distributions for evolving epidemic models: simulation and characterisation. Full text

Dr Panayiota Touloupou (2012-2016)
*** Winner of the Harrison award for highly commended thesis. ***
Thesis title: Bayesian inference and model selection for partially observed stochastic epidemics. Full text

Jacopo Franco (2013-2016)

Masters in Research:
Luke Whincop (2016-2018)

MSc in Statistics:
Jannick Hartmann (2018)
George Phillips (2017)
Aidan Ayensu (2016)
Preetika Singh (2015)
Karla Monterrubio Gomez (2015)
Matthew Smith (2014)
Panayiota Touloupou (2012)
Jie Yang (2012)

Masters in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics (MMORSE):
Ivy Chen (2017-18)
Nikolay Yankov (2017-18)
Rowan Rogers (2016-17)
Ernest Appleby (2015-16)
Dominic Huntley (2013-14)
Wing-yan Man (2013-14)
Pui Hang Lee (2013-14)
Mitchel Kirby (2012-13)
Gilbert Li Youn Fen Li Yam Nam (2012-13)

Mathematics for Real-World Systems (MathSys CDT) mini-projects:
Xiaoyue Xi (2018)
Laura Guzmán Rincón (2016)

Molecular Analytical Science (MAS-CDT) mini-projects:
Behzad Abedi (2018)
Shrina Bhagat (2016)
Charlotte Fletcher (2016)
Rémy Gavard (2015)
Ziedo Solomon (2015)

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS):
Paweł Bednarek (2016)