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Advice on completing the Warwick application form

We recognise that most applicants will wish to apply by providing their CV and a covering letter (to include the names of 3 referees). Unfortunately, Warwick's standard application form, which every applicant must submit online, does not make this very easy! We must apologise for this: the form is new, and we are working to get it improved in the longer term.

For now, though, please complete the form bearing in mind the advice below, which we hope will make it easier. If you have a CV and covering letter to upload, it should not take long at all. (But note that only two documents can be uploaded: if you have more than two, then please combine them as appropriate, to make just two documents.)

Applying for multiple positions

You will need to complete the application form repeatedly, once for each position you are applying for (we apologise for this, too!) The good news is:

  • The advice given below should mean that you do not have to complete the whole form.
  • When you complete the form for a second or subsequent position, your entries from last time are remembered and entered automatically. (They can be edited if wished.) Any uploads (CV and/or cover letter) will need to be done again each time, though.
  • Your referees will each need to write just once.

Advice on completing the form, section by section

The sections of the form are as shown in the screenshot shown on the right here. (or, if you are using a narrow-window browser, it may appear below)

  • Personal Details. This must be completed by all applicants.
  • Secondary and Further Education. This can be omitted by all applicants.
  • Higher Education. If you will be uploading your CV (see below), please just enter here the details of your highest university degree. Otherwise, please enter here details of all degrees obtained.
  • Training. If you will be uploading your CV (see below), this section can be skipped. Otherwise, please mention here any other important training that is relevant to the post applied for.
  • Professional Qualifications/Memberships. If you will be uploading your CV (see below), this section can be skipped. Otherwise, please mention here any other important qualification that is relevant to the post applied for.
  • Upload CV. Here you can upload your CV (maximum file size 512kB) in .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg, .tif or .txt format.
  • Supporting Statement. This is a simple text box, with word limit 500. The box can be enlarged on screen. If you will be uploading a covering letter (see below) then please just note that fact in the text box here and continue to the next section.
  • Supporting Documents. This is where you can upload your covering letter, if you have one. This section is incorrectly titled: only one document can be uploaded here. The form also says that the document must be written by Microsoft Word! This is of course a nonsense: we welcome applications from everyone, regardless of what software they have bought. Please upload your file in .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg, .tif or .txt format, and be sure to make a note in the "Supporting Statement" box (see above) if you have uploaded a file here.
  • Present or most recent employment. If you have uploaded your CV (see above), this section can be skipped (just answer "No" here, regardless of your true position). Otherwise, please give details here of your relevant employment history.
  • Reference. If your uploaded CV or covering letter (see above) already give details of 3 referees, this section can be skipped (you just need to enter the last name of any one of your referees here). Otherwise, please give here full details of 3 referees.
  • Source of Application. Please complete this: you cannot submit your form without picking one of the options, even if none of them actually applies.
  • Equal Opportunities. Please complete this. The first item (Nationality) does not permit you to decline to answer.

The sections of the online application form will look like this: