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Xu Chen

I am a fourth year PhD student under the supervision of Dr Thomas Nichols, and currently interested in neuroimaging, imaging genetics and fMRI data analysis.

Before coming here, I did a BSc in Applied Maths (Information and Computational Science) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


  • 34th Annual Research Student Conference in Probability and Statistics (University of Cambridge, April 2011)
  • 47th Gregynog Statistical Conference (Wales, April 2011)
  • OHBM 2012 Annual Meeting (Beijing, June 2012)
  • 9th International Imaging Genetics Conference (Irvine, January 2013)
  • OHBM 2013 Annual Meeting (Seattle, June 2013, Trainee Abstract Travel Award)

Workshops and Courses

  • Academy for PhD Training in Statistics (APTS)(2011)
    • Statistical Computing by S N Wood (University of Cambridge, January)
    • Statistical Inference by D Firth (University of Cambridge, January)
    • Statistical Modelling by J J Forster (University of Warwick, March)
    • Statistical Asymptotics by G A Young (University of Warwick, March)
    • Applied Stochastic Processes by W S Kendall (University of Southampton, July)
    • Computer Intensive Statistics by B D Ripley (University of Southampton, July)
    • Spatial and Longitudinal Data Analysis by P J Diggle (University of Lancaster, September)
    • Nonparametric Smoothing by R J Samworth (University of Lancaster, September)
  • Neuroimaging Reading Group (University of Warwick, 2011-2013)
  • FP7 Neurophysics Workshop: Pharmacological fMRI (University of Warwick, January 2012)
  • Unraveling Mental Disorders with Neuroimaging: A Warwick-Fudan Workshop (Fudan University, June 2012)
  • Human Brain Anatomy Course (University College London, September 2012)


Contact Details

Department of Statistics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry, UK