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Nathan Cunningham

I'm a fourth year PhD student in the department of statistics and part of the Oxford-Warwick statistics programme (OxWaSP). Currently I am working with Professor David Wild (University of Warwick) and Jim Griffin (University of Kent) on the use of particle filter methods for uncovering a shared group structure across multiple datasets.

Outside of my primary research, I enjoy exploring some more trivial applications of statistics, such as examining whether Christmas comes earlier every year or how to find your friends at a music festival.

Previously I studied at University College Dublin. Subsequently I spent three years working with the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin, completing research on the Irish healthcare system, including calculating the standardised rates of mortality across Irish hospitals and examining the potential costs of introducing universal healthcare in Ireland


  • 19 Jan 2017 - The Beginner's Guide to Shiny
    Warwick R User Group - University of Warwick
  • 22 Nov 2016 - Is Christmas Really Coming Earlier?
    Young Researchers Meeting - University of Warwick


Journal Articles




  • Spring 2017
    ST104 - Statistical Laboratory
    ST111/2 - Probability
  • Autumn 2016
    ST116 - Mathematical Techniques

Nathan Cunningham

Nathan Cunningham

n dot cunningham at warwick dot ac dot uk