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Kirsty Hey

Currently in my third year of a PhD working under the supervision of Dr Bärbel Finkenstädt. The aim of my research is to quantify the transcriptional profiles of single cell fluorescent time series. To date, my work has focused on modelling this process temporally using various stochastic methodologies. Future work will incorporate a spatial resolution to gain further understanding of the biological mechanisms.


Research Interests

  • Stochastic kinetic equations
  • Linear Noise Approximation
  • Approximations to the (chemical) Master Equation
  • Spatio-temporal models



K Hey, H Momiji, K Featherstone, J Davis, M White, D Rand and B Finkenstädt, Inference for a Transcriptional Stochastic Switch Model from Single Cell Imaging Data. To appear in Biostatistics.

Conference Presentations and Seminars

27th International Biometric Conference, IBS, 6-11 July 2014, Florence, Italy.
Presentation title: The Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Gene Expression as Observed Through Single Cell Imaging Data.

CRiSM Council Meeting, 20 May 2014, University of Warwick.
Presentation title: The Analysis of Gene Expression as Observed Through Single Cell Imaging Data.

Poster title: Temporal Modelling of Single Cell Imaging Data.

4th Channel Network Conference, IBS, 3-5 July 2013, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, UK.

Presentation title: Parameter Inference in a Stochastic Reaction Network with Transcriptional Switches.

Young Researchers' Meeting, 4 December 2012, University of Warwick.

Presentation title: Relating Data to the Scientific Question: A Case Study in Gene Transcription.

Young Researchers' Meeting, December 2011, University of Warwick.

Presentation title:Lightning Talk: The beginnings of research.

Conference/Workshop Participation

50th Gregynog Statistical Conference, 25-27 April 2014, Gregynog, Wales.

i-Like Workshop, Intractable Likelihoods, 20-21 March 2014, University of Oxford.

CRiSM Workshop, Big Data in Biomedicine - Big Models?, 27 Februaury 2014, University of Warwick.

i-like Workshop 15-17 May, 2013, University of Warwick.

49th Gregynog Statistical Conference, 12-14 April 2013, Gregynog, Wales.

48th Gregynog Statistical Conference, 13-15 April 2012, Gregynog, Wales.

CRiSM Workshop: Recent Advances in Changepoint Analysis, 26 March 2012, University of Warwick.

LMS-EPSRC short course, Stochastic Modelling in Biological Systems, 18-23 March 2012, University of Oxford.

Professional Development and Training

2011- present, Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science.

2011-2012, Academy for PhD Training in Statistics.

Awards and Prizes

Award for best oral presentation at the 4th Channel Network Conference, IBS, 3-5 July 2013.

Chapman and Hall Statistics Prize which is awarded to the student who has “shown outstanding ability in Statistics”, University of Bath, 2009.

Tutorial Teaching

Spring 2014: ST221 Linear Statistical Modelling

Autumn 2013: ST220 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Spring 2013: ST111/112 Prob A/B

Autumn 2012: ST220 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Spring 2012: ST111/112 Prob A/B


2013-present: Member of the RSS West Midlands local group committee and YSS representative.

2013/2014: Organiser of the Spatial Statistics Reading Group

2013/2014: PhD representative for the Welfare and Communications Committee

2012/2013: Organiser of the Young Researchers' Meetings




Department of Statistics
University of Warwick
United Kingdom


K.L.Hey (at)