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MCMC in Java

Sherman E. Lo, 2020

Java implementations of the Metropolis-Hastings (Metropolis et al., 1953) (Hastings, 1970), Adaptive Metropolis-Hastings (Haario et al., 2001) (Roberts and Rosenthal, 2009), Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (Neal, 2011), No U-Turn Sampler (Hoffman and Gelman, 2014) including the dual averaging version and Elliptical Slice Sampler (Murray et al., 2010).

Also included are Processing implementations of the algorithms for visualising these algorithms sampling a 2D Normal distribution.

Please visit the GitHub repository .


Brownian Motion

Random Walk Metropolis-Hastings

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

No U-Turn Sampler

Elliptical Slice Sampler


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