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Lewis Rendell

I am a third-year PhD student in Statistics, working under the supervision of Dr Adam Johansen and Dr Anthony Lee. My research interests lie in Monte Carlo methodology; I am currently working problems relating to tuning Sequential Monte Carlo samplers, and on Monte Carlo algorithms in distributed settings.

From July until early November I will be temporarily pausing my PhD studies to undertake an internship as a Quantitative Analyst at Google in Zurich, Switzerland. I will remain contactable via the email address on this page.

Warwick PhD statistics students: I am currently the chair of the Student–Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), though during my absence my duties will be taken over by Anne, the secretary. If you have any concerns or queries regarding teaching, learning or student support, please contact Anne in the first instance.


  • September 2017, 'Global consensus Monte Carlo' [pdf  ]. 24-month progression report.

Talks and posters


  • 2016–2017, 2017–2018 (Term 2): Mathematical Statistics B (ST219, tutorials).
  • 2016–2017, 2017–2018 (Term 1): Mathematical Statistics A (ST218, tutorials).
  • 2015–2016 (Term 2): Probability A & B (ST111/ST112, tutorials).


Contact details

L.Rendell [at]

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