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Support for Carers

This webpage details some of the ways in which the University of Warwick in general and the Department of Statistics in particular provide a supportive working environment for those who have or are planning to start families.

The University’s policies for maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption leave can be accessed via the links below.

The University also runs a nursery for children between the ages of 3 months to 5 years; further details are at the link below.

There are also multiple nurseries in Coventry; some of the best-reviewed ones are listed below.

Jackalberry Day Care (1.6 miles from department)

Tiny Teddies Day Nursery, Chapelfields (1.6 miles from department)

Busy Bees (1.8 miles from department)

Chapelfields Day Nursery (3.5 miles from department)

Stepping Stones Nursery Coventry (4.2 miles from department)

Small Fries (4.3 miles from department)

Westhill Corner Day Nursery (5.4 miles from department)

Little Hollies Pre School (6.9 miles from department)

Wonder Years Nursery And Holiday Club (9.1 miles from department)

Tiny Teddies also runs a creche where you can pay for childcare by the hour (£5.50 an hour) with only a week's notice, which would be very helpful for visitors to the university requiring childcare. Small Fries and Wonder Years also run short-term sessions, but in both cases you would have to pay for longer essions (a full day for the former, a full week for the latter) and they require at least one month's notice.

The department welcomes enquiries about positions listed as full-time from those who would wish to work part-time.

The department has a policy of scheduling no meetings or seminars to begin before 9:30am or to end after 3:30pm whenever possible, to aid parents needing to complete school runs etc.

Members of our department regularly receive email reminders/updates regarding opportunities such as the Janet Thornton Fellowship, for academics who have been away from academia for some time due to starting a family, care duties, etc.

Note that, funding permitting, it is department policy to support applications to extend fixed term contracts after caring leave.