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TMUA, STEP, MAT, AEA and UG Entrance Prizes (2024 entry)

Please check the OCR STEP pages for the STEP dates, registration and COVID-19 updates. Note that STEP 1 have been discontinued, but STEP 2 and 3 are being offered.

Students planning on entering the Mathematics and Statistics, MORSE or Data Science degree courses are strongly encouraged to take an additional Maths paper (STEP, TMUA, AEA, MAT) along with other qualifications needed to meet our conditional offer. Some reasons for taking such papers:

  • Mathematics at university is more complex than mathematics at school. By preparing for and taking these examinations, you will put yourself in a better position to make a strong start to your degree course. We want to see all of our students succeed!
  • Tackling questions from such papers can be an entirely different experience from solving A-level questions. You typically go through a period of thinking that the question is unsolvable. Take a break and try again the next day.
  • Getting practice in harder questions means that you should find the standard A-level questions easier, so you should also do better in that examination.

In addition, there are two more incentives to take some of these papers:

  • For sufficiently good performance you can get reduced or alternative offers as explained on our offer information page.
  • For excellent performance you may get an entrance prize (see bottom of this page).

Resources for training in mathematical problem solving

Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP)

STEP, or Sixth Term Examination Papers, are usually required for admission to the University of Cambridge. STEP papers are set by OCR as explain in their About STEP website. There are two different papers: STEP II and STEP III, where the latter requires knowledge of the Further Mathematics syllabus. For specifications and past papers consider the FAQs for test takers.

Preparation for STEP

You want to gain extensive practice in solving mathematical problems. There are many online resources that introduce you to problem solving techniques and that provide practice questions, some with solutions.

Where can I take STEP?

The amount of support offered by schools varies widely. Some offer preparation as well as the sitting the paper, some just the latter, and some are not offering any of this. If your school is unable to help you to enter for STEP, or if you are outside the UK, check the FAQ page from OCR about how to find a test centre that is close to you.


The Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA) was launched in 2016 to assess the mathematical thinking and reasoning skills needed for undergraduate Mathematics courses or courses featuring Mathematics. It consists of two papers, one about mathematical thinking and one about mathematical reasoning and is made available once a year in October (registration deadline is typically in late September). Scores are on a scale of 1.0 to 9.0 (with 9.0 being the highest).

How can I prepare for TMUA?

Resources to support your preparation are linked to from the university TMUA page.

Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)

The Mathematics Admissions TestLink opens in a new window is a subject-specific written exam used as part of the selection process at Oxford University, Imperial College and Warwick Mathematics.

What do I need to score in MAT for a reduced offer?

For 2024 entry, it will be 55. The MAT does not have a grading system and the average mark fluctuates from year to year preventing us from specifying our expectations for reduced offers before-hand for entry beyond 2024. Students doing well in the MAT are likely to receive our reduced offer after a threshold has been determined.

Feedback on your MAT

If you are a Warwick applicant sitting the MAT and you would like to know your mark you can obtain this by emailing after the 31 March (please do not get in touch before this date offers are still being processed). To help us find your mark please let us know in your email your full name, date of birth and UCAS number.

Advanced Extension Award (AEA)

The Advanced Extension Award in Mathematics is a 3-hour examination paper on the pure mathematics syllabus of the single A level in Mathematics. It contains harder questions than those in the A level mathematics examination. The AEA paper in Mathematics is set by the Edexcel examination board on behalf of all the A-level examination boards. It should be available in all examination centres. Further details about the examination and a specimen paper can be found at the AEA web-page.

Preparation for AEA

To help students prepare for the AEA in Mathematics, Warwick Statistics has prepared some extended solutions to past AEA papers. See also the online courses for advanced papers including AEA.


The reasons given above should be enough to convince all of our undergraduate entrants to take either STEP or TMUA before coming to Warwick! But as an added incentive, specifically in connection with STEP, Warwick Statistics will give a £2000 prize to each entrant (subject to the conditions below) who achieves a Grade 1 (Outstanding) in any STEP paper OR score 7.5 or higher in TMUA. Please bring the original copy of your STEP certificate in to the Student Support Office where we will arrange the payment of your prize. Conditions of these prizes

  1. This offer applies to all students who enter any of the degrees G0L0 MMORSE, GLN0 BSc MORSE, GGC3 MMathStat, GG13 BSc MathStat, G304 MDatSci or 7G73 BSc Data Science in October 2024. They must make the degree their firm choice with UCAS and remain registered on the degree throughout the academic year 2024-2025.
  2. The qualifying Grade 1 must be achieved in a STEP examination taken in the summer of 2024. Any of the STEP papers (II, III) can be used. Alternatively, the qualifying score of 7.5 must be achieved in a TMUA(*) examination taken in the autumn of 2023.
  3. Only one award per student.
  4. The STEP/TUMA exams are assessed through in-person examination.