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Research Technical Professionals

We understand the key part our Research Technical Professionals (RTProfs) play in enabling our world-class research. Our RTProfs manage our state-of-the-art research technologies and are key to the delivery of WASC, both in terms of the knowledge and training they can provide, as well as the work they do to ensure our infrastructure is maintained and used efficiently.

Below is a list of our current Research Technical Professionals involved directly with WASC, with more names coming soon.

Research Technical Professionals

Dr Saskia Bakker (Advanced Bioimaging)

Dr Andrew Bottrill (Proteomics)

Dr Ben Breeze (Spectroscopy)

Dr Daniel Lester (Polymer)

Jack Woolley (WCUS)

James Town (Polymer)

Dr David Walker (X-ray Diffraction)

Dr Marc Walker (XPS)

Steve York (Electron Microscopy)

Chris Waldron Photo

Dr Chris Waldron (Technical Support Specialist)

Dr Anjali Menakath (Solid-State NMR)