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Who We Are

The Warwick Analytical Science Centre (WASC), EPSRC Grant has launched at the start of 2021.

Director: Dr Christopher Waldron


Dr Mark Barrow (Chemistry) Prof Richard Beanland (Physics) Dr Nikola Chmel (Chemistry)
Prof Joanna Collingwood (Engineering) Prof Giovanni Costantini (Chemistry) Dr Claire Dancer (WMG)
Prof Dave Haddleton (Chemistry) Prof John Hanna (Physics) Dr Alex Jones (Life Sciences)
Prof Józef Lewandoski (Physics) Prof Emma MacPherson (Physics) Prof Mark Newton (Physics)
Prof Pete O'Connor (Chemistry) Prof Corinne Smith (Life Sciences) Dr Simon Spencer (Statistics)
Prof Vas Stavros (Chemistry) Prof Pam Thomas (Physics) Prof Pat Unwin (Chemistry)
Prof Richard Walton (Chemistry) Prof Julie MacPherson (Chemistry)  

Research Technical Professionals

Saskia Bakker (Advanced Bioimaging)

Andrew Bottrill (Proteomics) Ben Breeze (Spectroscopy)
Daniel Lester (Polymer) Jack Woolley (WCUS) James Town (Polymer)

David Walker (X-ray Diffraction)

Marc Walker (XPS) Stephen York (Electron Microscopy)

Management Committee

Prof Steven Brown Dr Nikola Chmel Prof Joanna Collingwood
Dr Claire Dancer Emilie Day Amarjit Gill
Dr Ian Hancox Dr Daniel Lester Prof Emma MacPherson
Prof Corinne Smith Dr Simon Spencer Prof Richard Walton
Dr Katharina Brinkert Simon Abrahamczyk

Dr Mark Barrow

Dr Chris Waldron    

WASC and (M)AS CDT Advisory Board Members

Dr Nicola Beaumont

Oxford Pv

Prof Daren Caruana


Dr Steven Coombes


Prof Philip Davies

Cardiff University

Prof Wendy Flavell

Manchester University

Prof Duncan Graham (Chair)

University of Strathclyde

Dr Hannah Lilley


Dr Julie Herniman

University of Southampton

Dr Paul Kirkman


Prof Rasmita Raval

University of Liverpool

Prof Julia Weinstein

University of Sheffield