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Dr Darío Luis Banegas

DBanegas Background

I graduated as a teacher of English in Entre Ríos (Argentina) in 2000 and started to work as a secondary school teacher in Esquel. In 2008 I won a British Council Hornby Scholarship to undertake the MA in English Language Teaching at Warwick University. I returned to teaching in Argentina for a year and I also joined the ELT Coordination at the Ministry of Education of Chubut. I designed the ELT curriculum for primary education and co-developed the curriculum for secondary education. In 2010 I was awarded a Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake PhD studies under the supervision of Dr Ema Ushioda. I completed my PhD in July 2013.

In 2012 I joined the British Council in Buenos Aires as a project manager for a Plan Ceibal project about the teaching of English through videoconferencing in primary schools. At the same time I founded the Argentinian Journal of Applied Linguistics for which I am the current editor and became actively involved in FAAPI (Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Inglés/ Argentine Federation of Associations of Teachers of English). I was the president of APIZALS, a teacher association in patagonia, in the period 2014-2018.

In Latin America I am currently involved in supporting teacher-research networks with the support of the British Council and their ARAS-APTIS award.I am member of the Editorial Board of Profile and the LACLIL Journal. I am also an external examiner of MA dissertations for the University of La Sabana (Colombia). I am a visiting lecturer in postgraduate programmes at universities in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Spain.

In Argentina I am also involved in an online distance pre-service teacher education programme as a tutor of a module called ELT Didactics for Secondary Education. I joined the University of Strathclyde in October 2019 as a lecturer in TESOL.

Research interests

I am interested in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), action research, teacher research, face-to face and online pre-service teacher education and motivation, curriculum design, and materials development.

Recent publications

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