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Warwick ELT Archive: Related Talks and Papers

All talks/papers listed are by Richard Smith, unless otherwise stated:

2014. 'Applied linguistic historiography'. Paper in Symposium on ‘Innovative Research Methods in Applied Linguistics’, 47th BAAL Annual Meeting, University of Warwick, 6 September 2014: ppts; handout.

2014. Position paper on ‘Developing the History of English Language Teaching’ at ‘Connecting Cultures? An International Conference on the History of Teaching and Learning Second/Foreign Languages, 1500-2000, 2-5 July 2014, University of Nottingham.

2014. ‘ELT, Linguistics, applied linguistics and ELT research: History and autonomy’. Keynote paper ‘ at 1st International Conference on Applied Linguistics and ELT, organized in Antalya by Cukurova University, Turkey, March.

2013. ‘The global [ELT] coursebook in historical perspective’. Invited keynote paper at APHELLE – APEF International Conference ‘O livro pedagógico em língua estrangeira Do século XIX ao século XXI’, Escola Superior de Educação e Comunicação, University of Algarve, December 2013

2013. Panel discussion on 'History of EAP and of BALEAP' organized and chaired by Richard Smith. Panellists: John Swales, Andy Gillett and Meriel Bloor. BALEAP Conference 2013: ‘The Janus Moment in EAP: Revisiting the Past and Building the Future’, University of Nottingham, April.

2012. ‘Internationalism in practical language study before World War I, and the roots of ELT’. International Conference on the History of Foreign Language Teaching: ‘French, German and English: Three Languages in Competition between 1850 and 1945’, University of Duisburg-Essen, September.

2012. ‘The (re)emergence of applied linguistics in the UK’. Paper in symposium (convened by Andrew Linn) on ‘The History of Applied Linguistics’ at 45th Annual meeting of BAAL, University of Southampton, September.

2012. ‘Phonetics at the source of ELT’. Invited lecture for the University College London Summer Course in English Phonetics, August.

2012. ‘A short history of ELT’. British Council Symposium series, Cardiff, June.

2012. 'A very brief history of ELT coursebooks'. Paper in symposium on ‘ELT coursebooks: Past, present, and possible’ (convened by Richard Smith and John Gray). 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference, Glasgow, March.

2012. ‘Building a picture of ELT research – in the UK and in India’. Invited lecture at British Council Delhi and EFL-University, Hyderabad, India, February.

2011. Historical background input for panel discussion on ‘The state of ELT research in the UK’ (convened by Richard Smith). 44th Annual meeting of BAAL, University of West of England, Bristol, September.

2011. ‘Applied linguistic impact and influence: Historical perspectives’. 44th Annual meeting of BAAL, University of West of England, Bristol, September.

2011. ‘How “natural” are natural methods? Crusoe, Rousseau, “my man Friday” and Sophie (“ou la femme”)’. Plenary talk at 2nd Conference of the Research Network on the History of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Europe (‘Women and Foreign Languages in Modern Europe’), Department of Language Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Milan / CIRSIL, June.

2011. ‘Applied linguistics and ELT: Some historical perspectives’. Keynote paper (and associated workshop) at conference on ‘Multiple Perceptual Frames on English Language and Research’, Centre for Applied Linguistics Research (CALR), Arab Open University – Lebanon, Beirut, March.

2010. ‘Crisis, what crisis? The critical value of a bit of local history’. Paper in symposium on 'ELT in existential crisis?' (convened by Robert Phillipson(, BAAL conference, Aberdeen, September.

2010. ‘Traditions in TEFL training’. Invited talk at British Council / Accreditation UK Annual Inspectors’ Conference, Moreton-in-Marsh, April.

2010. ‘Teaching English in difficult circumstances: A new research agenda’. 44th Annual International IATEFL Conference, Harrogate, April.

2009. 'ELT teacher education and research training in UK universities: Of what value, and to whom?'. Keynote paper at QuiTE [The Association for the Promotion of Quality in TESOL Education] Annual Seminar 2009, London, November.

2009. ‘Innovation and reform in language teaching: Legacies from the past’. Invited speaker for University of Cambridge Faculty of Education Second Language Education Research Group, June.

2008. ‘Histories of ELT’. Invited speaker for University of Reading Applied Linguistics Circle, November.

2008. ‘Approaching cultural contents critically: Insights from teachers’. Paper in Symposium on ‘Critical Approaches to Coursebooks’ (convened by Richard Smith) at 42nd Annual International IATEFL Conference, University of Exeter, April.

2007. ‘Teaching textbooks critically’. Workshop at ‘Stretching Boundaries’, the 11th International INGED ELT Conference, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, September.

2007. ‘The ELT Journal: Years of change’ (with D. Hunter). Conference on Keyness in Text, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Italy, June.

2006. ‘Claude Marcel (1793–1876): A neglected applied linguist?’. BAAL/IRAAL Annual Conference 2006, ‘From Applied Linguistics to Linguistics Applied: Issues, Practices, Trends’, University College, Cork, Ireland, September.

2006. ‘The history of learner autonomy’. Keynote paper at the 9th Nordic Conference on Developing Learner Autonomy in Language Learning and Teaching, Copenhagen, August-September.

2006. ‘Identifying keywords and charting their development: Methodological issues in corpus-based historical research’ (with D. Hunter). Paper at the BAAL Corpus Linguistics Special Interest Group Conference on ‘Text Analysis Using Corpora: Methodological Issues’, Open University, Milton Keynes, April.

2006. ‘Valuing tradition in a context approach to teacher education’. 41st RELC International Seminar (‘Teacher Education in Language Teaching’), SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore, April.

2006. ‘A.S. Hornby and the construction of ELT’. 40th Annual IATEFL Conference, Harrogate, April.

2005. ‘Stepping back to move on: Roles for history in TESOL teacher education’. IATEFL Teacher Trainers & Educators Special Interest Group Conference on Teacher Education (‘Quantum Leaps in Education?’), Vienna, March.

2004. ‘Unity of ELT and/or local diversity? Lessons from the pioneers’. INGED International Conference, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey, September.

2004. ‘The roots of ELT’. Invited staff seminar series presentation, University of Northumbria, Newcastle, March.

2003. ‘ELT roots and critical current issues’. Symposium on ‘(Re-)locating TESOL in an age of Empire’, Aston University, Birmingham, December.

2003. ‘ELT history and war: Some reflections’. Invited staff seminar series presentation, Department of English Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield, 20 March.

2002. ‘History and myth in ELT: The case of Direct Method’. IATEFL, York, March.

2001. ‘Teaching in difficult circumstance, revisited’. 27th JALT International Conference, Kita Kyushu, Japan, November.

2001. ‘Neglected roots of ELT and present-day professionalism’ IATEFL, Brighton, April.

2000. ‘Building on “traditional teaching”: An appropriate approach to innovation?’, The 8th IALS Symposium for Language Teacher Educators, IALS, University of Edinburgh, 15 November.

2000. ''Harold E. Palmer's "alternative" applied linguistics'. Paper at Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas Annual Symposium, University of Edinburgh, 23 September.

2000. Introduction to Panel Discussion on ‘Developing the history of applied linguistics’, Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas Annual Symposium, University of Edinburgh, 21 September.

1999. ‘The work of Harold E. Palmer' (Richard Smith and Imura Motomichi). Paper in Symposium on ‘Change and Adaptation in Language Teaching: What can be learned from the past?’, moderated by H.G. Widdowson, AILA ‘99 (12th World Congress of Applied Linguistics), Tokyo, August.