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Working and Communicating Across Cultures (WACC)

The WACC team at the University of Warwick is actively involved in a wide range of research activities associated with 'Working and Communicating across Cultures', as well as public engagement with practitioner and professional audiences which builds on this research.

Our world-leading research into the area of Working and Communicating across Cultures focuses on the five themes listed below. Please click on the table entries to learn more about the various research activities connected with the theme.

Research theme
Research focus
Intercultural Adaptation

Adapting to unfamiliar cultures - stress, learning, identity

Intercultural Competence and Assessment

Understanding intercultural competence - concepts, models and assessment

Intercultural Learning and Development

Becoming interculturally competent- skills, attitudes, new thinking

Meaning, Culture & Discourse

Language use in different social and cultural contexts - meaning in interaction

Organisational Culture

Social viability of organisations, Organisational dynamics and change

Public Engagement

Building on our research, we are actively involved in public engagement with practitioner and professional audiences through:

  • the provision of online resources (please visit our GlobalPAD website to access our available intercultural resources)
  • the delivery of training courses
  • presentations on the applications of our research
  • public engagement events and workshops.