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Organisational Culture

Organisational Coherence & Trajectory (OCT) Project
The aim of this project is to create tools for modelling, identification, evaluation and diagnosis of organisational coherence, sustainability and change, addressing function, dysfunction and pathologies of organisations. An essential part of this is the creation of a simulation model of organisational coherence, which will deliver insights into cooperation within and between organisations, with validation across types of social collectives like state owned and privately owned organisations, and across nations, cultures or civilisations.

  • Funding: Internal
  • Project Staff: Daniel Dauber, Gerhard Fink, Maurice Yolles
  • Duration: since October 2011
  • Website:
Selected publications, research outcomes & received awards:
  • Dauber, D. Fink, G., & Yolles, M. (2012). A Configuration Model of Organizational Culture, SAGE Open January – March 2012 2: 2158244012441482 (over 29,000 downloads and consecutive top 10 rankings since publication on SageOpen)
  • Yolles, M., Fink, G., Dauber, D. (2011). Organisations as emergent normative personalities: part 1, the concepts, Kybernetes, 40 (5/6), pp. 635 – 669. (EMERALD OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD)
  • Yolles, M. I. (2009). Migrating Personality Theories Part 2: Towards a Theory of the Balanced Personality? Kybernetes, 38(6), 897-924. (EMERALD HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD)
  • Yolles, M. I. (2009). Migrating Personality Theories Part 1: Creating Agentic Trait Psychology? Kybernetes, 38(6), 897-924. (EMERALD HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD)