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Migration and the labour market


Research focus:

What are the complexities of transcending boundaries and crossing geographical, national and linguistic borders in relation to accessing work?


We take an approach that draws on Critical Interactional Sociolinguistics, Critical Discursive Analysis and Critical (Institutional) Ethnography. We adopt a heuristic approach exploring the complex relationship between individual agency, hegemonic ideologies and existing societal structures which produce and reproduce power hierarchies.

Key findings:

  • The processes for negotiating and accessing work are deeply political and ideological.
  • Newcomers experience a linguistic penalty when they are labelled as ‘different’ and fail to talk and perform the way ‘we’ do.

To find out more:

Angouri, J. (2018). Culture, Discourse, and the Workplace. London: Routledge.

Angouri, J., M. Marra, & J. Holmes, (eds.). (2017). Negotiating Boundaries at Work: Talking and Transitions. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.