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Apply to the MA ELT

Ready to apply? Have you read all the information?

Here is the application form link. This takes you directly to the section of the website where you can apply for the course you are interested in. However, before you apply please read below as there is very important information that will help you with your application.

You will need to include a transcript of studies you have already completed at university level, references from one person who knows your academic and/or your professional background and experience, and a statement about the purpose of your study. If your studies so far have not been through the medium of English, you also need to submit evidence of a score on an internationally recognised test of English such as the IELTS test. The completed application form, together with the required documents, must be returned to the Graduate Office. A good starting point is to look at this link. It outlines the stages of the application process and explains what will happen to your application when it is processed.

Graduate Admissions contact details

Tel: +44 (0)2476 524585

Fax: +44 (0)2476 524586



Please be aware that the nominal closing date for applications for a Masters degree for the 2017-2018 academic year is 31 July 2017. After this date, it may not be possible to process applications in time for this academic year, particularly for those international applicants who will need to apply for a visa, and late applicants may therefore be offered a place for 2018-2019 instead. In the case of those who will not require a visa (i.e. UK/EU-based applicants), it may still be possible to process applications received after 31 July, but we would strongly encourage submission by this date to guarantee a place for the coming academic year.

Funding information