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MA in ELT - Master's degree in English Language Teaching

Offering a variety of modules for both experienced teachers and those with limited or no teaching experience, our MA ELT allows students to select the study programme that matches their interests. It is also possible to combine your degree with Drama.

For teachers with less than 2 years teaching experience

Our MA ELT offers you the chance to add one of the following specialisms shown below to your degree title:

  • English Language Teaching (Studies & Methods)
  • English Language Teaching (ICT)

    For experienced teachers

    If you have substantial teaching experience, you may opt to study one of the following ELT specialisms:

    • English Language Teaching (English for Specific & Academic Purposes)
    • English Language Teaching (English for Young Learners)
    • English Language Teaching (ICT)
    • English Language Teaching (Testing & Assessment)_j7b2077_-_test_4.jpeg
    • English Language Teaching (Generalist)
    • English Language Teaching (Teacher Education)
    Term 1 modules 

    These are all core modules taken by everyone

    • ELT Methodology (for students with less than two years' teaching experience) or Issues and Research in ELT (for students with two or more years or more of teaching experience)
    • SLA and Classroom Language Learning
    • Spoken Interaction
    • Approaches to Written Discourse
    • Research Methodology (taken in both Term 1 and Term 2)

     Detailed descriptions of Core Modules (pdf)


    Term 2 modules

    Core + optional modules in relation to your specialisation

    Modules likely to be available are:

    • English in International Development
    • English for Young Learners
    • ICT in ELT
    • Language Testing
    • Literature and Drama in ELT
    • English for Academic and Professional Purposes
    • Syllabus, Materials, and Task Design
    • Teacher Education and Development
    • Management and Leadership in ELT
    • Teaching Language-and-Culture
    • Professional Practice (relating to programme choice)

    Some of these modules also have a professional teaching practice element which will relate to the chosen area of specialisation. If you would like further information on Term 2 modules available for your intended year of entry, please contact the MA programmes manager:


    Key features

    • Specialist and research-active ELT staff
    • A variety of programme & module options
    • For experienced teachers as well as those new to teaching
    • Accredited Prior Learning (APL) available for DELTA holders

    Further information