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ET321: Issues in TESOL


This module applies Linguistics to English Language Teaching. There are two strands to the module: a practical teaching component and an exploration of key issues related to language, culture and communication in the context of ELT.

In the lectures, you will have the chance to deepen your understanding of issues such as authenticity, standardisation and cultural representations, by evaluating ELT coursebooks and observing lessons. You will also be evaluating lesson planning, classroom management and the principles underlying vocabulary, grammar and skills teaching, and you will put this into practice in the seminars. This will involve micro-teaching and giving lessons to your peers. The course will culminate in lessons to a small group of adult English language learners from the Coventry area. These classes will be video recorded to aid reflection on your teaching, and you will learn about the importance of reflection for teachers at all stages of their careers.

The assessment is closely related to practical teaching and involves developing your own material for the classroom and showing how a lesson can be planned from a coursebook.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • use your understanding of key issues in TESOL to reflect on and evaluate ELT coursebook material and observed classroom practice
  • apply these understandings about language, communication and culture as you plan English language lessons
  • analyse learners’ needs and address them through appropriate choice of teaching approach and materials
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of features of English likely to prove difficult for learners
  • demonstrate awareness and understanding of learner and teacher roles in the process of language learning
  • analyse, evaluate and make use of a range of materials and techniques for teaching grammar, lexis and pronunciation, and for helping learners develop their language skills generally

Learning Experience


Core content will be presented during weekly 2-hour lectures.


We will meet in a weekly 1-hour small-group seminar to practice and apply course concepts.



2000-word assignment (60%)


2-hour written examination (40%)

Preparatory Reading

  • Richards, J.C. & Renandya, W.A. (2002) Methodology in language teaching: an anthology of current practice. Cambridge University Press

Academic Staff

Lynnette Richards