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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for the Conference BBQ?

How can I access my PPT when presenting to delegates?

or security reasons, Warwick does not allow USBs to be used on university computers. If your keynote/presentation/panel/workshop is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, your best option is to upload it via the relevant link below:

If you do this, we can make sure it’s ready and waiting for you when you arrive in the room in which you’re due to present.

It would be really helpful if the name of your file could match the name of your paper/presentation/workshopor at least the first couple of words. It will just make it easier for us when we’re sorting your files into relevant folders.

If you would like to use your own laptop then that is also possible. But please note, if you have a MacBook there are limited numbers of HDMI/VGA adapters, so it is advisable to bring your own.

Can I still book a ticket to IDIERI 10?

Yes. Whilst we are no long accepting submissions, the booking system for IDIERI delegates remains open for a few more hours. Follow this link for full details.

What does the online version of IDIERI involve?

In May, we reduced the in-person and hybrid conference to 4 days. Rather than making many online contributors compete with in-person contributions, we have created an online only day on Friday 15th July. We are delighted that our Local Section partners will be part of the full week, with substantial contributions on Friday 15th.

All those registered full-time for the IDIERI in-person conference will have free access to the online. Likewise, those registering online with receive access to some of the in-person programme including recordings of keynotes, papers, and panels wherever possible. However, at this stage, we are imagining there may be a time delay in getting these uploaded to a secure site. Live streaming of workshops is not possible.

I'm delivering a paper/workshop/panel. How long should it be?

We expect individual paper presentations to be 15 minutes (unless you have been emailed specifically about a different length), panels to be 90 minutes and workshops 2 hours. However, please check the schedule for each day as there is some divergence. 

I'm not in the programme, but I thought I would be. What do I do?

We are sure that we will have overlooked some names for contributors on panels and there may be some errors/clashes. Our apologies in advance for this. We will do what we can to respond to these as soon as we can and where possible. Please contact us

I've been programmed at an inconvenient time. Is there any way around this?

We have tried to accommodate specific requests and we have taken different time zones into account as far as possible. However, hybrid presenters may need to pre-record their presentations if time zones are inconvenient.

Will the online/hybrid content be available over Zoom?

Apologies to ‘Zoomites’, Warwick University is very much an MS Teams institution so you will all need to use this as the online platform.

For those presenting in-person at Warwick, it is highly likely that we will be asking delegates to upload presentations (on the day or ideally in advance) to a password protected file. This is because USBs come with a security risk. More news on that in the coming weeks.

What's happening on Sunday 10th July?

There will be a registration slot at 4-5pm on Sunday 10th followed by an informal gathering at a venue on campus. We are keen to gauge possible numbers and one of our team will be in touch soon.

Is the Conference Dinner still going ahead?

Yes! The conference dinner has been moved to the penultimate evening (Wednesday) of the in-person conference and will be a summer British BBQ (so let’s all expect rain!) with live entertainment from the brilliant Ella Sutton.

My flights/accommodation keep me in the UK until July 15th/16th. What should I do?

You won’t be alone. Other delegates will still be on campus on Friday 15th July. You may wish to logon and take part in the online programme, which runs all day. Alternatively, keep an eye on our website for information about local, regional, and national events/attractions. We will make a series of suggestions so that you are able to make plans for the Friday.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We will be updating our website with some details about nice places to eat in the evenings and all the fun stuff going on at the time of the conference for delegates to enjoy in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham. More details to follow!

Previous questions:

Is the live conference going ahead?

Yes. Registration will take place from 4pm on Sunday 10th July and there will be an informal gathering on campus. The conference programme will run from 11th-14th July (9am-5pm) at the University of Warwick, UK.

Why was the conference ever in doubt?

Like many events originally planned for 2020-22, IDIERI 10 was affected by pandemic. The conference was originally scheduled to take place in July 2021. Due to the ongoing disruption caused by Covid, this was postponed by one year.

Throughout 2021 and into 2022, the aftershocks of the pandemic (caution about international travel, price rises, university funding cuts, conference booking fees) continued to be felt. This has meant that the number of advanced bookings fell below expectation.

Education Studies at Warwick originally budgeted for a conference of 150. Given the number of fixed costs associated with hosting IDIERI, pivoting to a smaller conference was not a straightforward process.

What is the cost of IDIERI registration?


Full time, in-person registration cost


Full time, in-person registration cost (Students)


Day rate, in-person


Full-time online cost


Full-time online cost (students)


Education Studies has never sought to make a profit from IDIERI. We simply needed to break even. A lot of the expense associated with hosting the conference is generated by catering costs and some staffing costs. By reducing the conference’s length (and cancelling the opening ceremony in Warwick Arts Centre) we have saved enough money to simultaneously (a) overcome the fact that there are fewer delegates than originally planned and (b) reduce the cost of the conference.

When will the full programme be released? 

Making these substantial changes to IDIERI in just three weeks means we are running a little behind schedule. Now that we have confirmed the conference is taking place, we will return to programming and allocating slots to delegates. Please also bear in mind, we are reconfiguring the papers, panels and workshops to suit a 4-day structure. As soon as the programme is ready, we will update the website and email delegates.

Can I request to speak on specific dates?

We will try to accommodate requests. However, delegates will appreciate that this is not always feasible as we have a number of factors to consider when programming. Furthermore, we have now costed this in-person conference as a 4-day event, so we are encouraging delegates to book full-time attendance where possible.

What are your Covid-19 guidelines?

IDIERI 10 is being run through Warwick Conferences. Their policies can be found here: 

Here’s how the UK government is suggesting we ‘live with Covid safely’

Will the conference dinner still go ahead?

Yes, there will be a conference dinner and more details will follow in the coming weeks.

If I join the online conference, what can I access? 

We are offering access to some of the week's activities via Microsoft Teams. Online delegates may be invited to present their papers/panels synchronously, at the same time as the live event. We will accommodate time difference as far as possible, but it is likely that delegates will have to fit around the GMT schedule. In some instances, we may ask online delegates to pre-record their presentations. Please note, we are not able to record the in-person workshops and performances. We will make every effort to produce audio recordings of keynotes, panels and presentations for delegates to access after the conference.

PLEASE NOTE: As we finalise our plans for hybrid delivery, we have temporarily paused the booking system for online registration.

Any other questions? Please contact: