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Internationalisation in Education Studies

Global and connected

Ethos/welcome message

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As part of our community

Outside of your home department there is a range of opportunities to immerse yourself into Warwick's intercultural and international experience.

Warwick Student's Union has over 250 societies! There is something for everyone and you can always start your own. Check out the full list of societies, but here are a few you can start with:

SU is a great place to start your global experience at Warwick! Find out more but the SU and its role in supporting your student experience and browse their events. Don't forget to explore student stories and intercultural tips to get you started!


International mobility opportunities

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You can also access opportunities available outside of your department, available to all students. To find out more about these opportunities, your eligibility and what to expect, visit Study Abroad pages or contact Warwick's student mobility team.

Developing global skills

Warwick has developed an innovative intercultural training programme, designed to help enrich your intercultural experience as part of your University journey. This unique programme is delivered in three stages: before, during and after intercultural experience. It consists of interactive workshops, online modules, reflective exercises, and an employability workshop.

Whether you are interested in a global career, planning to study abroad as part of your degree, or want to make the most of your global friendships and connections, the programme will help you to prepare for your intercultural experiences, make the most of them through reflective tools, then articulate intercultural skills you have developed to prospective employers.To find out more and sign up for the programme, visit Develop Global Skills page.