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Maths IT Resources

This page fronts files I use with different programs that can be used in Mathematics classrooms and will be used as part of my research. The files are those I have written for in the classroom.


An excellent program for producing statistical graphs, far superior to those in Excel. Other feature are producing graphs of equations, and working with 2D and 3D shapes. It has a basic and advanced level so can be used from primary upwards. Available from Chartwell-York.

Dynamic Geometry

There are many dynamic goeometry programs, some free- ware. For a quite popular (more than dynamic geometry) free-ware program - just use a search engine on 'GeoGebra'. The dynamic geometry functions are similar in Cabri, Geometer's Sketchpad, Cinderella and C.A.R. Many resources for these are available on the internet

GeoGebra (freeware), Cabri 2D and 3D (available from Chartwell Yorke), Geometer's Sketchpad (available from Chartwell Yorke), Cinderella, downloadable -not free C.a.R. (free) Suitable for primary ages upwards.

Grid Algebra

Produced by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) this presents a different way of introducing algebra to students from primary ages upwards. The grid has numbers as well as letters and is useful for students when they are learning multiplication (and division) tables. It encourages thinking and lends itself to developing questioning techniques. Available from ATM.


This is a handheld and is much more than a graphics calculator. Apart from doing calculations there are facilities for graphing, statistics and dynamic geometry.


This has links with programming and modelling but is also appropriate for young children. It has also been know as turtle graphics and was used to drive a 'toy' along specified paths. It also has links to Lego models. A free version is MSW Logo which can be downloaded from the Internet.


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