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My Teaching

Until recently I have been teaching in a Suffolk high school and studying part-time, and at a distance. I have, however, been involved in presenting CPD in the past and am registered as an adult tutor with Suffolk County Council. When schools were given from the National Opportunities Fund (NOF) to improve teachers famililiarity I was one of the Suffolk trainers for the Open University/Research Machines course. The school where I was working had over 100% completion as we included learning support as well as teachers as was one of the few schools to achieve this result. This gave me a good background in reflection on different methods of presentation and their effictiveness, something I am intending to revisit in my research. Previously I had prepared and presented materials on other software, including Logo, Excel, and graphics calculators. Since that time I have added Autograph and dynamic geometry to the list.

It has been interesting running some ICT classes in schools where I have been expected to use somone else's materials. It is often harder work than using ones own and one can spend the time running around giving verbal instructions when they have been given written instructions. This has happened on CPD courses I have attended where the assembled audience is told 'We have a lot of expertise in this room', in other words we become peer tutors.

I have run sessions at ATM conference on working with students who find mathematics difficult and those who are less motivated. These have been thematic, and in the format that is now being suggested for use with Key Stage 3 and 4 students. Some adult classes also include this style in their schemes. These materials will eventually be accessible from this website.