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GeoGebra is free dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra, calculus and now a spreadsheet and computer algebra system. In future it will also offer 3D.

As an interactive geometry system, you can do constructions with points, vectors, segments, lines, conic sections as well as being able to enter functions which can then be changed dynamically. It is possible to do very simple constructions, such as might be used with young students in early years of schooling or those who struggle with mathematics to advanced university level work.

Equations and coordinates can be entered directly and GeoGebra has, therefore the ability to deal with variables for numbers, vectors and points, to find derivatives and integrals of functions and is again suitable to use at all levels.

The program may be found on the GeoGebra website Program download and there are already prepared files, a manual, tutorial and tips and tricks.

The English Curriculum makes some reference to GeoGebra at both Key Stages two and three. A short presentation demonstrating GeoGebra in the Primary Curriculum shows how it might be developed and used. The GeoGebra Primary interface is now available and features a larger window with less tools. There are also some examples of secondary teachers working with dynamic software on the TES site.

ATM conference 2009 I gave workshops for both Primary and Secondary teachers showing some of the features of GeoGebra.

GeoGebra conference Linz 2009 This was the first inerntional conference and the link is to some Primary Resources.

Norfolk Maths Conference November 2012. This is a copy of the presentation with accompanying files for people to use adapt .... While the presentation links probably will not work you should find the files do.