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Fitness to Teach

All providers must ensure that all entrants have met the Secretary of State’s Requirements for physical and mental fitness to teach, as detailed in the relevant circular. The aim of this Requirement is to protect children and young people from trainee teachers who might put them at risk of harm because they are physically or mentally unfit to undertake a teacher’s responsibilities. ITE providers are responsible for checking the fitness to teach of all those admitted to their programmes. Prior to a placement in school, all trainees are required to sign a statement to confirm that they are physically and mentally fit to carry out activities that a teacher must be able to perform as outlined in Education (Health Standards) (England) Regulations 2003 (see below) and that they have no reason for being unsuitable to teach.
By clicking “I agree” I confirm that I am physically and mentally fit to carry out activities that a teacher must be able to perform* on my main placement. If I am currently undergoing treatment of a physical or mental nature, I have discussed this with my Personal Tutor and Course Leader to ensure that with any reasonable adjustment (as defined in Equality Act 2010) I will be able to undertake the roles and responsibilities expected of me on my placement. I am aware that I must keep the medication in a safe place, out of reach of children. I do not know of any other reason for my being unsuitable to teach.
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Trainees with disabilities, relevant physical or mental health issues We are keen to support you to succeed so this question is not intended to discriminate against you.
Would you welcome a meeting in your Placement school, together with a university tutor and your mentor, to discuss and agree any reasonable adjustments which could be made to support you in school?
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